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10 June 2014

If You Came to Provence With 2015... would certainly feel that life is indeed beautiful! might sleep in this wonderful bed...

...with this charming bathroom all your own... 

...and a lovely silk bag filled with lovely gifts just for you... 

...or maybe this bed will be yours for the week...

...or even this one, with the carved headboard...

...and the charming ensuite bathroom just for you... would know the charming hostessing of Lisa...

...and the incredible meals by our own Michelin 
one-star chef, Jon...

, would breakfast on fresh croissants, French yogurt,
fruits, confitures, bread & butter and lots of
great French coffee in this charming kitchen...

...and have dinner one night at this inviting table...

...maybe take a dip in this beautiful pool or lounge
among the roses at poolside...

...when you ventured out into the countryside you would see colors like this amazing pink and pale ochre... everyday sights... might have a truffle-infused luncheon specially for you at this table...

...and have impeccable service from Matthew himself...

Don't miss the next Chic Provence Design Tour Spring 2015,
May 16 - 23, 2015!

details soon
email me to reserve your spot now!

09 March 2014

Our Little Provence Village..

I am so excited we sold out our Chic Provence Design Tour 2014 this spring.. and are now dreaming of our little village in Provence, our home there, the things we will see... come take a little peek with me, and plan to join me next year!

wrapping myself in gorgeous Souleaido fabric...the day is off
to a good start!

an early morning peek outside at linens drying on the line...

our patio before breakfast is set up....

lace curtains in charmingly shuttered window...

dappled sunshine on the old stone wall of the villa...

our handsome side entry door...perfect spot for un cafe...

while in the village center Cafe de Longchamp will do nicely....

while we gaze at the 19th C. townhouse...
and spy hat mannequins in one of the hundreds of
antiques shops in town...
and this beautiful fragment of vintage paisley wool...

or vintage garden things from this outdoor brocante...

while French couples head off for a day's work...

having left their things drying in the window...

getting organized for the day ahead...

we'll just pick up a beautiful shopping basket...

all photos by Steven McCormick

05 December 2013

Provence-Inspired Christmas Tables...

For their artlessly chic use of natural materials (probably found in the garden), for keeping it simple and beautiful, for offering homage to the Christmas season without going totally over the top with bling and overload... this is why I have always loved the Provençal ways at Christmastime. I'm looking for ideas for our Christmas decor and found some clean and simple ideas on Pinterest to share with you:

here round lights are in a garland made with olive leaves and
placed on the table center...

short on floor space for the Christmas tree?... use this wall-mounted
idea using logs in graduated sizes... love this!!

elements I love here:  lots of clear glass, reflecting the light, white tableware and linens,
natural wood. The pages of oldbooks become part of the design,
and of course the stone wall peeking in from the right isn't so bad either!

I've always adored topiaries olive trees, and this enfilade marching 
down the table are gorgeous... the rest of the
decor is light and white, to let the olive trees have the focus...

 little twinkly lights are perfect touch!

here the wooden rafters play a big role; twigs, lights and starts 
are hung from them.. and the lavender
table is gorgeous played against the gray walls 

and silver angels. .. natural wood fireplace surround

simple olive branch tied to napkins... elegant and beautiful

here a little ceramic bird sits in his twiggy nest as a napkin ring; 
the rest of the table is done in silver, white and glass

olive leaves are tied with white ribbons around these 
fat white candles in front of a!

How are your holiday decorating ideas coming along?


The Chic Provence Design Tour is selling quickly! 
Come join us this spring!  This is the perfect
Christmas gift so begin hinting now, cherie!

see details and what happy guests have to say:
download registration forms here 

skype me: kitgolson
call or text me:  650-302-6883

02 September 2013

one last hurrah for summertime...

Enjoy your Labor Day! Hope you do just what you want and wear just what you want and eat just what you want to celebrate the real last holiday of summertime!

ride this

wear this

eat this

nap here

Julia Child's tomato tart here
swimsuit and bedding Souleiado

fb of course!
pinterest yes

20 May 2013

Scouting the Chic Provence Design Tour

I love Provence so much; nothing is more fun to me than spending the week before the Chic Provence Design Tour scouting out all my locations, vendors and sights, meeting and greeting old friends and checking out new ones. I want everything to be perfect and to run smoothly for my guests from the minute they arrive until we return them a week later to the TGV in Avignon.

This then is how a typical day of pre-Tour scouting goes for me... come with me next time! 

hmm.... Madame is offering fresh eggs right from her farm... I'll take a half dozen!
 found these on my  morning walk along the banks of the River Sorgue

along with President butter, a fresh croissant
and blood oranges, these eggs made a
fabulous breakfast, giving me lots of energy
for a fully packed day of scouting in Provence!

of course, un petit pause for a fabulous cup of
coffee was in order as the morning went on...
here I am using my wonderful basket from
Andrea at The French Basketeer!  Thanks, Andrea!!

the summer linens in the Provençal markets always delight me...
and this spring I spied this chic little dress and scarf... paired with
a scarf and sandals, the perfect outfit for browsing the markets
in the South of France... and at 34 euro, a real bargain!

Steven and I headed to our favorite boulangerie... the one that makes everything on site, from scratch, using only the finest "bio" (organic) ingredients... we had to make sure everything was acceptable for our guests at the villa the following week... and yes, everything was!

even the baguettes as they rolled out of the ovens, their aroma just begging for un cafe au lait and a large smear of pure butter and jam!

OK, well fortified, it's off to scout les antiquaires... just to be sure nothing has changed drastically in the last year... we found so many gorgeous treasures we were sure our guests would be completely delighted! this small chandelier caught my eye and I could picture it in my guest room chez moi...

peeking into Madame's window, a row of fanciful dining chairs catches my eye, along
with that gorgeous chandelier and mirror...

these garden cloches will surely captivate my wonderful guests... wonder how many of
these will find their way back to the USA ?

a fancy candelabra called a girondole almost made its way into MY suitcase!
isn't it pretty?

the witty fish sculpture in company the otherwise seriously glamourous
objets is a hallmark of French design... don't take things too seriously!

I fell completely for this period oil painting of Louis XVI himself... pompous and
soft, he epitomized all the excesses that eventually got him into serious trouble... aka
the guillotine!  but I really loved this painting, and at 650 euros almost brought
it home to my French-history-loving husband Chris!

OK, back outside, and off to Gordes... just to be sure nothing has changed in this stunning
hilltop village since we were last there... and of course, it is just as gorgeous as always...we need
not have feared!

I always peek into the church in Gordes... this time preparations were underway
for a funeral mass for the oldest firefighter (pompier) in Gordes who had
passed away in his 80's... a procession wove through the village 

side view of the chateau at Gordes... actually that is a very excellent
organic grocer tucked under those eaves...

back to our villa to check things out... the olive
tree basking in the late afternoon sun...

...the outdoor mantel a study in still life....

the breakfast kitchen inviting us in for
un cafe under the wisteria arbor...

still the perfect spot for morning breakfast and lingering...

..and putting the final touches on the gifts for
each of my treasured guests when they arrive...
fine chocolates, pate de fois gras, candle,
lavender oil and a sweet bundle of lavender
to tuck under the pillow for a good night's sleep!


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