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04 August 2011

Maison de Campagne

I am researching authentic Provence remodeling projects for new clients here in California. This couple is ready to create the certain feeling of an old maison de campagne in Provence, a la Coté Sud, in their home. Translating the Provençal look from the south of France to south of San Francisco will be a collaborative effort with my clients, who are themselves transplanted French citizens. I am so excited to work with them!

Coté Maison provided a wonderful jumping off point today. This featured home carries many strong characteristics of the renovated Provençal maison, such as use of the existing stonework, exposed ceiling beams, stone floors, polished and waxed concrete, iron door and window frames, and lots of re-use of old wood and materials. A completely relaxing atmosphere is created devoid of fussiness or extraneous embellishment for a simple, chic and livable home.

detail of the coffee tabletop arrangement

stone floors and walls, touches of linen,
leather seating and exposed beams all
express a simple chic Provençal life

the guest room is upstairs, thus the wooden floorboards; the
iron bed is a flea market find; the overhead beams are
lightened to a soft grey so they are not overbearing

the chic and simple Italian shower, open to
the room, is partitioned by an old found
wooden shutter and finished in concrete

the roughness of the limestone sink and the cut stone
floor is offset by the 19th C. gilded round mirror

the rustic long farmer's table in the dining room
has rusted metal lights hanging overhead, chic
wire-frame chairs and an old porch chair
from Cuba

weathered Cuban rockers with cowhide rug and very rustic
coffee table softened with the pearls; note the simple cantilevered
bench with the linen cushion

the concrete floor and iron framed doors
lead you directly into the garden outside;
old wood and wicker create comfort


thanks for visiting! Kit

18 June 2010

Chez Pascal Palun: Recoup' & Treasure

Love it or leave it, the Provencale "brocante, linen and found object" look is here to stay. Maybe as a reaction to the frantic, digitized and depersonalized world we all inhabit now, and certainly fueled by an economy that encourages us to all "make do with what we have", as well as a desire to save the environment, people respond warmly to old things that are resurrected, refashioned, and given place of honor in homes.

Pascal Palun has long been a favorite of mine for her wire sculpture chandeliers. She lives in and works in Avignon; her influence is worldwide. Her chandeliers hang at l'Escale and adorn the home of John Malkovich. And according to my friend, Jaclyn at the gorgeous blog Haute Home, even Anthropologie taps her immensely creative ways with old things for their imaginative store displays and identity.

Now a peek into her own home. She has furnished it with things she has found at flea markets, garage sales and on the street; found objects that have weathered through to find their way into her heart and home. For Pascal, living with old things is "not looking backwards..on the contrary, it's a way to reconnect with a history, to give to old things new value and another's the mysterious difference that exists between an electric lightbulb and the light from a wax candle."

Her glamorous wire and fantasmagoric creations are the result of an aesthetic formed in Pascal by her grandfather, who was a bricoleur (handyman) and taught her to repair beautiful old things, and her father, whose passion for automobiles gave her a taste for mechanics and manual work.

What do you think of her home in Avignon? Do you love it or leave it?

photos above are of Pascal Palun's home in
Avignon and are the work of Joanna Maclennan for


above are photos of Pascal Palun's
atelier in Avignon where she does her
magical work

these photos appears in
Cote Sud, December 2007



for help creating a beautiful new look

for your home or event virtually

anywhere call or email me


Kit Golson Design

for elegant, sustainable and pragmatic

Chic Provence Interior Design

29 December 2009

The Elegant Old Doors of Chic Provence

If you can't quite make that trip to Provence just now, one look at these doors and you'll feel like you are strolling through a village perche in the Luberon. And that's a wonderful feeling to have!

The good news is that you can find authentic reclaimed Provencal doors and hardware here in America to grace your very own maison de reve. Check out the gorgeous selection of reclaimed architectural elements available at Authentic Provence.

Don't wait too long to find your doorway; these are obviously limited to what's available!

Cast Bronze Venus Dorknocker

Dauphine Doorknocker

Cast Bronze Figural

Cast Bronze Ring

la Medusa cast iron door knocker

Bienvenue chez nous!

Main entrance door, circa 1820,
painted oak with wrought iron grille

simple Directoire wood door, circa 1795
(hello.....this door dates from the time when my great- great- great- etc etc grandfather,
Capt. Lemuel Moody was captured by French pirates
in the Caribbean!)

I love this circa 1750 France cabinet door
painted oak with faceted mirrors!

Entrance door, circa 1820,
painted oak with wrought iron grille

Palace in Arles solid oak doors, circa 1740

main entrance door, circa 1852
painted oak with original hardware

Directoire double door, France, circa 1795
oak massir wood with original hardware

all items can be seen at



in the new year, it's:

Kit Golson Design

for elegant, sustainable and pragmatic

Chic Provence Interior Design

16 August 2009

Our Love is {Sphere} to Stay!

Adults spend an astonishing nine hours per day looking at rectangular screens: computer, TV, iPhone, blackberry (aren't I this very minute looking intently at my Mac screen, scrutinizing every word and pixel, in a rush to get this post done before the season premiere of Mad Men?).

And, as a designer, I spend an extravagant amount of time concerned with rectangles: graph paper, doors, windows, floorplans, tiles, floors, picture frames, rugs, cabinets, countertops....on and on the list of angular items grows. And it seems the younger and hipper the client, the more straight lines there are.

The Artist Model Keeps Two of Artefact's Wire Spheres Company

Is it any wonder then, that where ever I go, I see spheres? O happy sight! Roundness, curves that are so curvy they meet themselves again in an eternal embrace! No angles to square? Relief!

Out scouting design ideas yesterday, I fell hard for spheres. The antidote to too many angles in our worlds.

Starfish-Covered Spheres on French Deco Club Chairs

Mossy Green Spheres in an Old French Urn for the Garden

Big Statement Spheres From Reclaimed Wood

A Spiky Little Guy Adds Oceanic Interest

Galileo Might Have Liked the Way These Spheres are Shaping Up

We Can Only Wonder What The Buddha Is Thinking About This Big Red Sphere

Rustic Sphere

Waterballs...Reclaimed From New England
Water Filtering Plant in Last Century..
Beloved by Designers Everywhere

Stunning Wire Sphere Crafted by Dave Allen at Artefact

A Tower 'o Balls 12 feet Tall...
Just In Case You Miss the Point

Equal Time to the Rosary, Since Buddha is Pictured Above!

A Tactile Soft Sphere

Small Delicate Orb Spheres in Blown Glass

Contemporary Chandelier in Crystal Daisies, A Diaphanous Sphere

Sources for These Spheres Click on the Store Names Below:

Artefact Design & Salvage, at Cornerstone in Sonoma, California

Extremely creative and talented team of David Allen and Wade Hines for very cool furnishings from repurposed items

Zipper, at Cornerstone in Sonoma, California

HIp and chic, not to be missed!

Chateau Sonoma, just off the Square in Sonoma, California

Well, if you can't make it to France anytime soon, just drop by toute de suite!


Kit Golson Design

for elegant, sustainable and pragmatic

Chic Provence Interior Design


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