24 June 2011

Happy Weekend :)

Have a lovely, colorful and
pattern-filled weekend!

all patterns Anthropologie


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20 June 2011

Summery Basque Stripes & Gâteau Basque Recipe!

In Provence the fabric vendors at all the markets at this time of year put their big beautiful bolts of "Basque Stripe" cottons up front, tempting everyone with the brilliantly hued fabrics. The traditional stripes of the southwestern region of France called le Pays Basque are beloved by Provençales for their ability to brighten even the smallest little corner of an otherwise monochromatic outdoor garden setting.

Poetically named for the seven regions in Pays Basque, tradition holds that these strongly graphic fabrics were originally made by traveling weavers going from farm to farm, customizing large sturday sheets of rough fabric with unique stripe colors for farmers to cover their livestock as protection from insects.

Today we love them in everything from pillows, to table linens, espadrilles, totes and deck chairs. They are the quintessential summer look in the south of France.

Shopping the weekly market in Apt last month, I fell for two different patterns of stripes and bought enough to bring home in my second suitcase. Now I'm playing around with how, and even if, to use them for my summer entertaining.

Trying out some tabletop designs I find a real challenge in finding tableware that is clean and simple enough to calm all that high-voltage energy! I don't think my Anthroplogie outdoor plates do very well (although the colors blend there is way toooo much going on!) I may end up using one of these for bench cushions or a door curtain in my currently-being-refurbished greenhouse!

You can buy Basque Stripe fabrics at Jean Vier. Read more here.

How would you use these stunning stripes?

the stripes are stunning, but do they work with
my table top pieces from Anthropologie?

I first spotted the Basque stripe cottons at a wonderful
little shop in St. Remy

then we went to the outdoor market in Apt

we passed this gorgeous doorway...

...and passed by the happy organic baker...

...we came to the fabric vendor...

..who was unloading his bolts of Basque Stripe
fabrics, ready for summer!...

fast forward to back home in California, I tried my
stripe fabric out as a possible table cover...

...I love this stripe with the flowers and lace in
the striping...

...the stripes definitely make a strong statement...

...and they look great peeking through the papaya bush...


even authentic espadrilles look summery with
Basque Stripes...buy yours here at this adorable


...and now that cherry season is just around the corner,
try this delicious, authentic

Gâteau Basque

from Pastry Studio

for a taste of southwestern France at your next summer



merci pour la visite! ... Kit

05 June 2011

Two Villages in Provence

On one day in April we visited two stunning villages in Provence that could not have been less alike. The juxtaposition was startling; one village high on a red, gold and umber hill, dusty and sunny; the other can only be described as a cool drink of water.

Nestled high in the hills near the Luberon, the little village of Rouissillon is the most beloved village in all of Provence. There we are completely immersed in the vivid color (indeed you will come away with the faintest ochre-colored dust on your shoes and clothes) we associate with Provence: ochre, rose, sienna. We wander up and down the hilly streets through canyons of colored buildings; we reach the top and the view is stunning over the flaming hills. We stop for un cafe and we visit the Conservatory of Color; we cannot escape the brilliant, hot colors of Rouissillon. Her pigments are everywhere.

a village street scene in Rouissillon with pigments from
the local hillsides coloring
everything brilliantly pink, rose, and ochre

approaching Rouissillon on a sunny day!

inside the little church at the top of the hill in Rouissillon
features more color than usual for this little altar
to St. Michael the Archangel

a very blue door stands in contrast to the typical
ochres, golds, and siennas usually seen in Rouissillon
and makes this door stand apart from the rest

a sample of very old tile designs found at the
Conservatoire des Ochres in Rouissillon

another village street scene in Rouissillon near the
top of the hill with warm yellows and roses for the
walls, while the green shutters give a lovely contrast

a beautiful rose colored door wall in the village
of Rouissillon... the white trim makes the
color even more vivid

the fiery cliffsides that you can see from the
center of the village

display at Okhra... the Conservatory of Ochre,
where you can take classes in ways
to use the pigments in applied arts

pigments for sale

the store at the Conservatory of Ochre; you
can also order supplies online

coloring tiles at the Conservatory des Ochres

a walk
through the brilliantly-hued cliffs in


After the strong visual stimulation, bright sunshine and heat of Roussillon, the perfect next stop is Fontaine du Vaucluse. This little village is quite off the beaten path, and it is built around the source of the Sorgue River... the same river that runs through l'Isle sur la Sorgue, of course. After crossing under the Aqueduc de Galas beneath the remains of a 14th C. Chateau des Eveques high on the cliffside, we arrive at this watery, refreshing, cool green and blue oasis.

spring roses blooming in the cool of the village

the Sorgue river as it meanders from the source
towards l'Isle sur la Sorgue

the Sorgue river runs through local neighborhoods

approaching Fontaine du Vaucluse we see the
aqueduct de Galas which was built in 1857

a closer view of the enormous aqueduct as
we approach the village at the end of the
closed valley

a cool terrace beside the river near the source

the popular gathering spot in
Fontaine du Vaucluse over the river

the mairie in Fontaine du Vaucluse

brilliant turquoise water at the very
source of the Sorgue river


thanks for visiting!... Kit

02 June 2011

Chinoiserie Hutch in That Linen Color We All Love Now

The PERFECT hutch!

While researching case goods for a client,
I came across this stunner.

What do you think?


thanks for visiting! ... Kit


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