24 February 2014

You Can Still Join Us!! Chic Provence Design Tour

Dear Chic Provence Readers,

I have just two spots left on this year's

Chic Provence Design Tour
May 17 - 23, 2014

Which means that I have room for 
YOU, cherie, to come with us
for the trip of a lifetime! and 
bring a friend!

I know you love Provence,
you dream of shopping the most famous flea market and 
the best antiques shops in all of France,
with someone with an insider's knowledge
in Provence

I know you want to luxuriate in a gorgeous, 
200 year old restored farmhouse villa in a 
beautiful huge bedroom with your private bath, 
in Provence, 

I know you dream of your own talented French chef
for incredible French cuisine and wines as well
as culinary lessons in a 13th C. chateau kitchen
in Provence,

and I know you want an effortlessly fabulous week 
where all the details, driving, shipping, even photo coaching
have been taken care of for you.
in Provence

Carpe Diem!

see details and what happy guests have to say:
download registration forms here 

Register right away...deadline is March 2, next Sunday 
so act quickly!

Email me for a special consideration for my faithful
Chic Provence Readers!

skype me: kitgolson
call or text me:  650-302-6883

all photos by Kit Golson iPhone
the beautiful large Fountainhead...
that is from
Authentic Provence!

14 February 2014

To My Valentines...

Because I love you all... a special
for Chic Provence Readers!!

"Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever
come to you without leaving happier" ~ 
Mother Teresa

02 February 2014


The seacoast always restores and refreshes... and this week to celebrate our 21st Anniversary, Chris and I headed to Carmel-by-the-Sea for a midweek getaway... and since Carmel is ultra-dog-friendly, Nicky came with us too! The Cypress Inn welcomes dogs, provides them with lots of treats, water bowls everywhere, and special big fleece wooly throws to sleep on. Dogs are welcome in most restaurants in Carmel, too, so Nicky had his first indoor dinner with us at the charming St. Tropez~Cuisine du Soleil bistro. 

As beautiful as she is, Carmel-by-the-Sea is also a bit quirky. A few little-known facts about the village:
  • there are only 2000 residents in the 1 square mile village that has a long edge on the sea
  • there are no house numbers...you describe your location by the nearest intersection, counting down the number of houses... "SW corner Carpenter and Second, four houses east"
  • ...OR you name your house something like "Done Rovin'" and that is how the world finds you
  • there is no mail delivery; you must go to the post office to pick up your mail; this has created a strong sense of community since you run into each other every day
  • you may not post "no parking" signs in front of your home; cars parked on either side of the street narrow the streets and thus slow traffic down considerably... which is good for everyone including the air we breathe
  • there is an ordinance against wearing high heels in the village (yes, there really is...I said quirky, didn't I?)
  • you actually CAN build fires on the beach and doggies are WELCOME to romp on the beach and swim in the surf
Here's a peek at Carmel-by-the-Sea, mid-winter. It was the perfect, relaxing and nearby escape to celebrate!

The entrance to our lovely hotel, the Cypress Inn, which welcomed our little doggie Nicky as
much as they welcomed us! the Inn was built in 1929, and is now owned in part by

Doris Day, who has a passion for animal welfare. It is she who insists that four-leggeds are as welcome as
their humans. The Inn is built in and embellished California mission style.

the courtyard at the Cypress Inn

the cozy fireplace in the courtyard at the Cypress Inn

the church grounds across the street from the Cypress Inn filled with native
plants that are thriving in the coolness of the coast

pretty succulents and native plants in turquoise planters around town

one of the many 1930's era tile designs that appear in the
downtown shopping area of Carmel
pretty arched window, tiled roof and paved courtyard
at one of Carmel's shops
lots of beautifully designed wrought iron all over Carmel

we had a fabulous lunch at la Bicyclette, one of the favorite restaurants in Carmel...this resto
collaborates with the local middle school on teaching children the importance of
living and eating sustainably. The food is local and very delicious.

delicious desserts at la Bicyclette
happy husband Chris at la Bicyclette!

love old pots of bay tree standard, and the gate nearby
cheerful door front on Ocean Avenue in Carmel

cupid spotted in antiques shop window...perfect for Valentines!

one of the forty or so pathways leading to hidden courtyards to explore
in downtown Carmel


see details and what happy guests have to say:

skype me: kitgolson
call or text me:  650-302-6883


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