20 November 2011

A Chic Provence Design Tour Printemps 2012!

Our Third Annual Chic Provence Design Tour 
Printemps 2013  details are now available!!
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With winter's chill just a whisper away, it's time again to plan a Provence tour in the spring! Nothing will put you in better spirits than knowing that you, cherie, will be exploring Provençal markets, chic shops and brocantes to your heart's content. And that you will experience Provencal life and its many beautiful aspects from a designer's point of view, knowing that every detail is taken care of for you. A little luxury in Provence will soothe the soul.

We are quite excited to announce our second annual springtime Chic Provence Design Tour to the heart of Provence, l'Isle sur la Sorgue, for May 11-18, 2012. You will find incomparable inspiration for your Provence design ideas and projects on our tour in the company of like-minded souls!

C'est fantastique! Cherie, you must join us! You know you want to. You need this trip! You must enjoy a Provence Tour this 2012!

one of the stunning bedrooms that awaits
you at your Provençal villa... sweet slumber!

our villa courtyard... this is where we'll do
our morning yoga and stretching & have our cafe au lait

if it's just too sunny outside, a little couch time
with a good book might be just the thing... sipping
a little Bandol, perhaps?

one of the lovely surprises that are an
everyday sight on a Provence tour, the land
that celebrates beauty in all things

we'll have an afternoon tea in the
stunning courtyard of
Mas d'Ange (House of the Angel)

perhaps just a quick stop at an
incredible confiserie provençale to
stock up for our breakfast treats;
your Provence tour will delight you
every moment!

one of the lovely views of the Provence
countryside... this is outside Oppede le Vieux

you'll be visiting the land that inspired Van Gogh's
stunning Almond Blossoms!

my favorite map of la belle Provence,
courtesy of ProvenceWeb; your
Provence tour will be centered in
the Vaucluse

ah! we arrive at the Cafe de France
in l'Isle sur la Sorgue
just in time for le dejeuner after a
busy morning at the brocante!

we'll take an electric bicycle ride
through the vineyards... and stop for
wine tastings along the way!

I love this mairie, the town hall, of
l'Isle sur la Sorgue

I loved this mid-century upholstered
canape at the brocante.. look at those
colors! When I circled back it was gone!

some simple ironworks artifacts... wonderful
for shipping home, because they don't break!

this vendor specializes in vintage silver only!

basque stripe fabric is everywhere at the
markets in Provence in the spring!

these two jugs made their way back to

my home after our last Provence tour!

perhaps you will need one of these,
hmmm cherie? baskets from
the French Basketeer!
no Provence tour is complete
without one!

... and no Provence tour is complete without at least
one culinary adventure... a cooking class, cherie!
and this one is in a chateau!

another day we will spend a gorgeous
few hours in this beautiful hotel, having
a cooking lesson if you like, or
stopping in for lunch or tea

can you smell the lavender yet?


a sample of our seven day tour, you
won't want to miss this!


Chic Provence Design Tour


  1. Sounds and looks like heaven! I've always wanted to go to Provence... maybe this year? Thanks so much for popping by while I was away -- your lovely comment was so nice to return from my "blogcation" and see!

  2. Hi Kit,
    Looks wonderful! I look forward to meeting up with your group and tagging along one day (or three).

  3. DARN! We're going to miss by a few weeks (we're planning to our first visit to Provence in late April). I'll bet it will be fabulous.

  4. Ohhhhh, Kit, How brilliant, how fabulous, how glamorous, how perfect.


  5. wow, this looks absolutely beautiful!

  6. Sounds fabulous, especially the Villa. I love Opede le vieux and would dream to own a house there. Perfect trip.

  7. Lovely post..I too fell in love with those big bubble jars and bought myself 2 for my terrace much to my husband's dismay. Alas, both have since got smashed by my dog/children:(

  8. My wife and I are preparing a trip to the U.S., now I think we will settle on this wonderful place, I think it's worth, I will comment when we do.

  9. What a FAB proposal... very chic indeed!

  10. It's like heaven! Superb place to have time to relax, unwind, and a good place for sweethearts. ;) It's very chic.

  11. I only just came upon your site - we will be in Provence first week of May - sadly miss it! Nice to find your site ...

  12. Dearest Kit .... this sounds divine and I would so love to be with you on this exquisite trip! You have planned it to perfection. I hope you are well and I am so sorry I have not been commenting for a while because firstly blogger was not allowing it but also life has been so hectic as I am sure it is for you! Take care always and best wishes

    Frances (M.A. the 2nd)

  13. Hello,
    I have been searching for this information and finally found it. Thanks!

  14. Oh how wonderful!!!!!! I would so love to go with you, I hope this is an annual thing so I can get in on the fun next year.

    just found your blog through Between Naps on the Porch. New follower here!


  15. Hi Kit, yes I will send you a lovely basket for everyone on your tour this year!

  16. I actually squealed so loudly my husband came running in to see what "was wrong!?" NOTHING! This is amazing! Oh my word!

    What a giveaway, holy smokes, to-die-for.

    I spent some time in France years ago and have often dreamed of returning. THIS would be a perfect dream tour!


  17. Now this would be a dream come true. I've been wishing to win the lottery so I come go to France for so long. As long as I have breath, I'll keep wishing.

  18. I have sent your site to my daughter regarding your tour as she and a friend went to Paris for two weeks last year, loved it, and I think both of them would love your planned trip as they have not been to this area of France as yet. My husband (French Canadian) and I often talked about moving there when the children were younger, but alas it didnot happen. Came over from Between Naps on the Porch.

    I know of the Orkney area and linen is a wonderful natural product and would be wonderful to be the winner. Thank the sponsor and to you for offering this giveaway.

    New to your site and have you as a favorite now. I will keep abreast of your trip this way, n'est-ce pas?

    ~Sylvia Faye

  19. This is my dream trip. Any chance you're doing this in the Fall of 2012? Plan to be over there at the end of September early October with girlfriends.

  20. This sounds like an amazing trip. If my daughter didn't have her college graduation then I would definitely see if I could arrange it. Where is the cooking class being held? I didn't see that mentioned but it was mentioned on The Provence Post.

  21. What a wonderful trip this would be. I wish. France ahh beautiful. Maybe one day I'll see it in person.

  22. We are headed to L'Isle Sur La Sorgue this Saturday for a whole week!! We will be there for the large 3 day market! So excited, especially after seeing your photos!

  23. this is my first visit for your blog but i will be one of your followers


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