25 March 2011

The Pink Chair & Camellia Snow

I'm happy to see all the pink everywhere again. And this little French Louis.."ahem"..chair from the flea market would look fabulous in some new pink, don't you think? So at the design center, I found these sumptuous Lorca jacquards made in France and Italy, through Osborne & Little. They all work perfectly with the vintage velvet I found at an estate sale the other day...four yards in perfect condition for $5!

Then, while working on this little project, I happened to look outside my studio window...and saw that our rainstorms have created a virtual carpeting of camellias on the soggy ground...gorgeous camellia snow!

Now... I'd love to know what you think: which fabrics, and in what combinations? Or just go with one fabric... which one? Such a delightful dilemma!

big, bountiful roses!

when I paused to look out the window, this
is the beauty I saw in the rain

this incredibly beautiful cotton velvet I bought
the other day at an estate sale in the neighborhood

two different camellia bushes lost their
blossoms in today's storm

I do like this pattern with pansies and
a larger whiter background...

our ground could not get any soggier!

this is a really pretty rose petal pattern, but
my daughter thought it looked like seashells...hmmm?

the side pathway looks like it needs shoveling with a snow shovel..so
beautiful against the dark earth!


Benjamin Moore paints I pulled that would work with
any of these fabric choices...can you spot the one
they have called identical to Pantone's Color of the Year?
(hint: it's in the first column)

I, for one, was really happy
with Pantone's color
choice for 2011... so far
we need a lot of this color
in our weary world


while browsing for additional Lorca fabrics
I found these gorgeous embroidered
linens and velvets on the Interior Library site


Thanks for visiting! Kit

21 March 2011


Does anyone else find this room as gorgeous as I do?
it speaks to me of springtime, hope and beautiful beginnings
I could spend a lot of time here...


via San Francisco Magazine (print, not online)
article and photography direction by Diane Dorrans Saeks,

this is the Nob Hill home of architect
Andrew Skurman and
his wife Francoise Skurman;
Andrew designed the amazing table base;
Francoise's silver adorns the table filled
with peonies she arranged;
together they collected the painting
by Cy Twombly's son


painting: Fall of Icarus by Alessandro Twombly
table base fabricated by Tom Dixon
Mars chairs
Provence Glassware: Diners en Ville, Paris
Empire candlesticks: Odiot, Paris
Bernardaud porcelain
Puiforcat silver flatware
Silver pieces French heirlooms
Etching: Bromphenol Blue, Damien Hirst

Photography by JD Peterson


thanks for visiting .. Kit

19 March 2011

Sunday is Macaroon Day in France :)

I know, enough with the macaroons already! But we cannot help ourselves...they are such delectable little morsels, so beautiful, so... darn happy! The French love them so much that Sunday, March 20 is the 5th Annual Macaroon Day in France! You can taste different macaroons all over Paris...if you happen to be there. If not, you can enjoy this video from Ladurée sharing their secrets (in French) to making the beloved macaroons in their famous kitchen. Be sure to visit their site too, it's a great little diversion at the end of a very difficult week for us all.



this is enjoyable, even in French, and the chef's kind of cute too...oh
the Kate Winslet bit at the beginning is in English:

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17 March 2011

La Petite Maison du Village in St. Remy

This artlessly chic guesthouse in the heart of St. Remy, in the heart of Provence, captivates me. The warm colors of the furnishings, the art, the walls and floors immediately signal welcoming comfort. Traditionally Provençal in design, the 18th C. maison has been flawlessly renovated with a modern edge that doesn't let you forget you have arrived (luckily!) in one of the hippest villages in tout France!

stepping into this wonderful room is a feast for the designers' eye:
black and white marble tile and limestone fireplace set the stage;
the gorgeous pillows that subtly reference the "fabrics du soliel" ...
the traditional Provençal fabrics with a modern twist are cushy and
welcoming; the chandelier, the painting and the quatrefoil panel
leaning artlessly against the wall all speak of casually chic Provençal elegance

this little vignette tucked under the stairs welcomes
with its vintage iron daybed done with warm corals, deep
aubergines and lots of striped pillows that evoke the feeling
of awnings in a St. Tropez beach house; gorgeous
tomettes on the floor, the easy campaign table and the
modern art photography on the wall .. love them all!

linen upholstered headboards always create a feeling of cozy comfort;
paired with those ruffled soft Euro pillows and the deep
rose color bedcover, the perfect setting for a good night's rest; I
love the way the sconces reference the shape of antlers without
actually being antlers!

this Directoire bed sets an elegant tone for this full height bedroom; the deep
purple of the bedcover and upholstered head and footboard
are accented with the poufy lavender pillows;
the silver and acrylic lamps are very chic with the rich palette and
keep the room anchored in modernity; the gauzy but deeply colored
curtains are perfect for keeping the bright Provençal sun at bay

this sweet room has it all for your petit dejeuner (in winter or
bad weather... otherwise you're outside on the patio!) before
heading out to explore the village:
warm woods, tile floor, French doors that let in
a lot of natural light, rich wine-colored walls

the lovely lacy sign outside lets you know there is
something very special going on inside...please come in!

a friendly, comfortable suite is perfect for a family for relaxing;
the linen chaise and the deep rose daybed invite relaxing and lingering;
the terracotta floor is cool to the touch and the deep purple
gauzy curtains again are perfect...unfussy and elegant in their simplicity

a French door to the patio, hexagonal
tomettes on the floor, the elegant rosy
curtain hung simply with rings on an
iron rod, the two-color painted wall
and that little coolie lampshade
all speak of Provençal chic

the most is made of this room under the eaves with gauzy curtains letting
in lots of natural light; the room is welcoming with the plush wine and
rust colors of the sofa and the bergeres; light wood floors keep the mood
clean and simply elegant

charmingly Provençal bathroom with its deep window sill, double
porcelain sinks, painted walls, individual framed mirrors and
adorable sconces make the daily toilette a joy!

the palette throughout the guesthouse features these
rich earthen tones of aubergines, lavenders, wines and
rusts...the colors of Provence


and happily there is a Diptyque shop right here..
the iconic logo and packaging speak of the
ultimate in chic scents for body and home

a green Diptyque candle just
for your
St. Patrick's Day

all images from La Maison du Village


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xoxo Kit

16 March 2011

A Gentler Time in the Land of the Rising Sun

When my beautiful niece Zoe was just a little twinkie (she's 20 now) she loved the early Japanese animé film, My Neighbor Totoro (1988). We watched it over and over again. The story takes you back to a simpler time (1958) when the Kusakabe family moves to an old house in rural Japan. Soon after moving in, the little girls discover magic all around and this gentle, sweet and slightly edgy story unfolds. The soundtrack is unforgettable; I still hum some of the songs in my mind.

Roger Ebert hailed My Neighbor Totoro as one of his "Great Movies," calling it "one of the lovingly hand-crafted works of Hayao Miyazaki.. It is rich with human comedy in the way it observes the two remarkably convincing lifelike little girls... It is a little sad, a little scary, a little surprising and a little informative, just like life itself. It ... suggests that the wonder of life and the resources of imagination supply all the adventure you need."

I just wonder how many Japanese parents might have turned to this gentle little film to bring some comfort to their children in these last few incomprehensibly difficult days following the earthquake & tsunami that has changed their beloved Japan forever.

a happy day fishing in the stream in the Japanese
countryside ca. 1958... Totoro and the girls..
Totoro has
subsequently made cameo appearances
in Toy Story3 and South Park

Mei running with her new friends in the forest

if you listen to the "Totoro" song, I promise you will
be singing it all day long!


the following Japanese fabrics and designs seem like they
could have been from 1958, a happier and simpler time


help Japanese Quake relief here too by buying
Jill's beautiful notecards:

my friend Jill of The Artful Bee created these
limited edition notecards
to benefit Japanese Quake relief
to order: jill@artfulbee.com

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07 March 2011

If Martha Were My Best Friend :)

I'd ask (no, beg) her and her editor Kevin Sharkey to design the pied-à-terre I would love to have in NYC! Their collaboration in transforming his apartment resulted in this very chic, "meticulous-attention-to-detail-as-only-Martha-can-do-it" and glamorous showstopper. Kevin's been working on the home makeover for over a year, and he blogs about it on Martha's blog. You can read about The Big Reveal and get lots of great design ideas (how to choose paint color, how to use mirrors, etc) In case you haven't seen the pictures, take a look.

Pretty nice place to call home, no? What do you think?

Kevin started out by choosing a paint color for
the entire apartment, and went with Martha Stewart's
Heath...keeping the palette subdued so the eye is
drawn to the views

I think those are framed pieces of Japanese
papers...they look great at a super price point...also
note the collection of silver on the left..trés Martha, non?

I'm sure the Buddha wouldn't mind chilling out
with the ipod every now and then!

If you did not already know Martha was involved,
you would when you see the drabware and the
elegant subdued kitchen

an inspiring perch for a little work desk

I love those mirrors marching up the wall from just
above the baseboard...in the entry I think..to great effect!
and those chandeliers came all the way from Florida (I'm
just guessing Miami)

another brilliant use of mirrors...here mirrors gives diners
a view of the outside balcony, and of course, double
the visual space of the room

Kevin's collection of Japanese lacquerware brings a
shot of color to the dining room


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