18 September 2013

{ getting dressed with Lucia Antonelli }

It's almost autumn, time to put away swimsuits, pareos, flip-flops and soggy towels and get back to work... la rentree as the French call it... the "re-entry"... so even here in California a girl's thoughts turn to dressing up a bit at this time of year.

This stunning artisanal jewelry designed and made by Lucia Antonelli inspired me to seek just the right outfit...it will be the casually chic Eileen Fisher look of course!... to wear with.  Perfection!

What do you think, did I make good choices, girls? Would a Lucia Antonelli be just the right spark for your fall look, too?


Lucia Antonelli, the brilliant
jewelry designer

"One day I came across an antique French beaded purse that was in disrepair. I took it apart. I fell in love with these tiny fantastic metal beads. My obsession with detail was a direct result of this discovery. My work evolved in many unexpected ways and I found myself interested in executing only one of a kind neck pieces with as much detail as possible. The more intricate, the better! Working with beads afforded me a means of self-expression that had infinite possibilities reflecting both my inner and outer world. I feel very peaceful when I am creating. I feel "at home" and emotionally and spiritually centered.

I do not have a particular philosophy about my work. I simply love what I do and have a deep need to create beauty and order in a world that can sometimes be very chaotic. It is a place of calmness and spiritual nourishment for me. I have no real clear vision of where my ideas come from, but my connection to these beautiful objects leads me to believe that I have had many past lives. I experience this on some level as I create each piece. I believe this is what fuels my creativity. I am completely and totally in love with beads and ethnic jewelry representing these very rich cultures. One could easily say I am obsessed, and accumulating the materials I work with brings me a great deal of joy. The depth, richness and beauty of our world is truly reflected in the components I use.

I am currently executing my own centerpieces of sterling silver and 18 karat gold, while incorporating these special ethnic components. My goal is to push my creativity as far as I can by creating centerpieces that are contemporary yet evoke a feeling that has an ancient quality.

I am self-taught and prefer executing all of my pieces by hand. By utilizing antique beads, talismans, and ritualistic objects from other cultures, it is my love to create objects of wearable art that have a timeless quality connecting the past and the future. Ultimately I wish to touch and to move the spirit of others through my work."  from Lucia Antonelli's  artist statement


  1. The manipulations are amazing!
    Lovely. Thank you for sharing, Kit!

  2. Beautiful pieces! Loving the necklace the artist is wearing herself.

  3. Oh yes, perfect for Provencal chic! Thanks for the introduction to Lucia's pieces.

  4. Her designs are among the most stunning pieces I have seen in a long time. I went to her website but could find no info on where to purchase? Do you know?

  5. These are so incredibly beautiful, I love the designs, the colors, the creativity behind these necklaces.

  6. Hi Kit
    Thanks for your message on French Essence.
    Your blog looks most interesting...
    My email is
    With best wishes,

  7. Kit you have such a great eye; Lucia's pieces are so gorgeous. She is truly talented. It was so wonderful to receive your (as always) thoughtful comments the other day. I wish I could keep up with blogging but it's heart warming that even though I don't do a very good job that there are a few like yourself that still are there to respond. I hope your summer was terrific in CA and all is good? Sending you all my very best for a great fall. xxx Deb


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