20 April 2014

{ les pivoines printanier }

Who doesn't love a peony? or a whole bunch of them? It is a little early in the season... peonies generally bloom around here and in Provence in May...but having just returned from our local nursery, I have peonies on my mind. Here is a little sampling of peonies in artistic forms for a little springtime lift to your Easter weekend.

I would love to grow them in my garden, but have not ventured there yet. My friend, Trish Allen of Trouvais, is passionate about her peonies, and has given me some advice. For now, I'll enjoy others' labors of love! and learn all about Paeonia here.  

Trois Pivoines by Sophiecreations

I love this budding peony painting on rustic wood!

Pivoines Printaniers tableware at Caravane

peony'd fabrics from Return to China {Retour de Chine}
...the peony is said to have originated in China

 Peonies Wallpaper  could anything be more cheerful!

 Stunning Peony painting by French artist

 Beautiful Peonies paintings by French artist Sophie Adde; first
discovered her on Hidden in France
this beautiful peony just seems to say: 

"Happy Easter, Happy Spring.
Happy, happy Everything"  

poem written by my daughter Lisa when she was four years old}

I've tried to credit all art; where I didn't, I could not find the
link... if this is your art please let me know and I will
give full credit for your stunning work


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