09 March 2009

What Is the Color of Safety?

It's not news today that when a woman is abused by her lover or husband, she needs to leave home quickly and unequivocally. Safe houses keep her and her children hidden from view.

I had the immense privilege to design a home for these women and their children. As you might imagine, the budget was not huge. I immediately went to work creating a place that felt comforting, light, happy. I changed floorplans to create places for older children to study and for younger children to simply bounce off the walls if they need to.

Inspiration was found in these beautiful paintings by Kim Parker, with names like "Garden of Hope" and "Beach Garden". Framed prints will hang on the walls.

I created a "Mother's Chair", with a footstool and lamp in every bedroom, where a weary and frantic woman might put her feet up and exhale for just a little while each day, surrounded by soothing seafoam bluegreen and her things.

countertop accent

transluscent 3-Form resin panel

renewable resource bamboo flooring

I chose natural materials...gorgeous bamboo flooring throughout, recycled glass and ceramic countertops and tiles, transluscent 3-Form panels in painted kitchen cabinets, paints without harmful vapor, and Marmoleum linoleum floors....to keep things healthy for the inhabitants and our Mother Earth. Many of these incredible materials were donated by the local community.

I developed a soothing and joyful palette. The main living areas will have a chair rail painted in a semi-gloss to keep cleanups easy; in the living room, dining room, kitchen and kids' area, joyful and happy upper wall colors will be grounded by the neutral of the chair rail and the trim.

The kitchen cabinets will be painted the beautiful green color above, and upper cabinets will be paneled in the leafy green 3-Form transluscent resin panels, with inner lights to provide a soft glow.

I believe that giving these families a lovely home we will elevate the self-esteem of those who might feel a bit hopeless. I think their spirits will soar when they walk into the light-filled and joyously feminine atmosphere.

Benjamin Moore paint colors

What do you think? If you are interested in donating to this wonderful organization, please click here. Your donation is entirely tax deductible.

You will find yourself on the side of the angels if you do.

**Stay tuned for final pictures of this nurturing and comforting space.
We are nearing completion and hope to occupy by July 1, 2009.**



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