23 June 2009

Creating a Luxurious Sense of Spaciousness

If The Luscious Palettes of Chic Provence left you feeling inspired but more than a little...bereft in this economic downturn, today I am beginning some posts on how to embrace style and elegance while keeping grounded in our recessionist reality. Because the Chic Provence spirit embodies simplicity, spareness and elegance, and thrift is at it's heart.

Space = Luxury

White Floors and Walls Create an Airy Atmosphere and Show Off
the Great Lines of the Bed...Note the Absence of a Bedskirt
Bed designed by Asli Tunca, Photo Courtesy of the amazing Patricia Gray blog

Create empty space. Edit your rooms. Take a strong hard look at what you have, and pare down to the bare essentials. Take another strong look, and pare down even further.

Paint your walls a elegant, light shade of gray, taupe or cream, and use paint with a slight sheen. This will reflect light into the room instead of absorbing it into a flat velvety finish. Ground the room with soubaissements, a different shade or tone of wall color below chair rail height. This will make the room feel larger.

The Spare Monastic Look of Jacqueline Morabito's
Home Near St. Paul de Vence in South of France
Photo Courtesy of my friend Christelle at Interiors blog

Lighten your floors. Stain wood floors with transparent white wash. If at all possible, paint floorboards in the same light, complementary shades as the walls, using a high gloss paint. If you can't paint the floors, find carpeting in these shades. Make a canvas floor covering you paint in these soft, light shades. Or use sisal rugs.

Keeping the Floors and Walls Light Lets this
Chaise in Taupe Linen be the Inviting Star of Le Chambre

Paint your wood furniture in similar shades of light gray, taupe or cream color. Have your upholstered pieces done in linen, or even canvas. This will make the furniture look like it floats against walls and floors in similar shades, creating a light, airy feeling. Avoid pure, stark white in furniture as that will make the piece jump out visually. Make sure to exclude heavy fabrics and skirted furniture from your rooms to enhance the feeling of spaciousness.

Limed Oak Floors, Light Walls. Mirrors and Crystals
Invite Lots of Light Inside
Photo Courtesy of my friend Christelle at Interiors blog

Use lots of mirrors in the room to reflect light and double the visual space. While you're at it, find a great chandelier with crystal drops, and place lots of candles in your room to create layers of light.

Chalky White Floors and Walls With Soubassements in Ochre
Create a Feeling of Openness

Isn't it nice to know that the less you have, in fact the more you have. Of space, light and free time.

A deliciously poignant paradox.


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  1. Precisely! Modern design often draw upon the "zen" style. It features space, which is what makes up its beauty.


  2. Yes, it's a like the very important "white space" in graphic design...leave air in your rooms, let things breathe. Thanks for visiting Nicolette, I love the Coral Pink Finish table on your website!!!


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