31 August 2009

Visiting Emily Joubert in Woodside

My friends and I love to meet for breakfast at Buck's in Woodside before heading out for a busy workday or for a leisurely weekend gabfest. It's always fun to watch residents of this woodland enclave dismount their horses and tie them to the hitching post as they nonchalantly amble inside for coffee and gossip.

Only deep in the heart of Silicon Valley will
you find a plasma screen installed outdoors
to show how the exquisite Juliska is made!
at Emily Joubert Home & Garden

When we finished our breakfast, I headed over to Emily Joubert Home & Garden, the source for things that make us feel like we are in a {deceptively luxurious} simple country place in France: Arte Italica, Juliska, William Yeoward. I also love that her traditional chic extends to the hip, green and sustainable Chilewich line of rugs and table linens, and the very hip and fun Danish Rice line of tableware, and bucketsful of the friendly affordable striped rugs of Dash & Albert.

Rustic Elegance Perfected in this
Welcoming Setting

I was stunned at the beauty of the new pewter
finish on Juliska's Octagon line....and even
more stunned to learn it's oven, microwave
and dishwasher friendly!

Simple & Elegant Etched Lantern

Juliska's Table!

A Grand Old Dauphin with Shell

Buckets of Those Charming Dash & Albert Rugs

If you adore the rustic elegant look, drop in here for a couple of hours of delightful immersion. You will want to take home everything you see here.

And speaking of buckets, just be sure to give Trigger his oats before you lose yourself completely at Emily Joubert Home & Garden!


Emily Joubert Home & Garden
3036 Woodside Road
Woodside, California 94062
ph. 650.851.3520


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for elegant, sustainable and pragmatic

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