24 November 2009

Tony Duquette Designs Evoke the Spirit of the Season...

Sacerdotal and ecclesiastical (fellow Catholics, you know this stuff!) icons abound in Tony Duquette's timeless designs from the mid-twentieth century that inspire and thrill today....especially now as we approach the Winter Solstice when darkness falls so early in the day, and the world celebrates fire, starlight and snowflakes.

Think of ancient Druids' Yule, of autumnal Dawali, the Hindi Festival of Lights, of Christmas stars and lights, of Hannukah with the burning candles, Kwanzaa with the lighting of the kinara candle, and Sadeh, the Iranian festivity to honor fire and defeat the forces of darkness, frost, and cold.

You get the idea. Anything that reminds of us of warmer, sunnier, longer days immediately captivates us at this season!

The Jewel Votive Table Lamp

The Paris Snowflake Screen

The Sunburst Torchiere

The Terrapin Lamp

The Elsie Tabouret
Named for His Mentor, Elsie deWolfe
(It's just so Christmas-y I had to include it here)

The Abalone Chandelier

The Large Sunburst Mirror

The Original Starburst Sculpture

The Gold-Leafed Sun Sculpture


Tony Duquette's Office

A Duquette Room Features the Paris Snowflake Screen

A Duquette Salon with the Abalone Chandelier


"Considered by many as an American design icon,
Tony Duquette left behind an artistic legacy
that inspired fantasy and stirs the imagination."


To learn more about the man who "was always trying
to enchant the world...a self-styled do-it-yourself di Medici
whose razzle-dazzle decor, costumes, jewelry
and interiors took center stage in Hollywood's heyday"
see Tony Duquette , a book by House & Garden
design director Wendy Goodman and
Duquette successor Hutton Wilkinson
reviewed here.

Sources for Tony Duquette Items:

vintage Tony Duquette: 1stDibs
carefully crafted reproductions: Baker Furniture




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for elegant, sustainable and pragmatic

Chic Provence Interior Design


  1. Wow, I absolutely LOVE this style. It is so cheerful, yet refined.

  2. Hi Anon, I agree. I love all the sun- and starbursts....he captures such an ebullient feeling! Thanks for the visit!

  3. Beautiful items that really seem to hold their inner glow, especially the sunbursts. I'm such a softie for any thing crafted in warm gold or copper metallics...have a wonderful Thanksgiving, Kit.

  4. HI Denny, thanks for the visit. I hope you and the family have a great Thanksgiving too!

  5. I am a big fan of Tony Duquette...love these images, xv.

  6. Hi Vicki, thanks for stopping by. I find his work so inspiring.

  7. He was a genius. A wonderful post. The new book More is More is excellent as well. Have a lovely Thanksgiving.

  8. Thanks, Style! I'll check out the book....I also loved about Tony Duquette is that he tended to use things he found and built his designs around them...such as hubcaps, etc....how very sustainable of him!

    Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!

  9. One of the best design features in recent memory -- very, very nice. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Hi Michael, thanks for stopping by! He amazed with his design then, and continues today. Have a happy Thanksgiving wherever you are! Kit

  11. Wonderful items , wondeful post !! For he was a genius

  12. Bonjour Melanie! thanks for visiting! Couldn't you fill your shop with these gorgeous things by Tony Duquette? Have a lovely day, and I enjoyed our post on Petit Cab' honoring our Thanksgiving holiday today...

  13. Gilded glory! Love these pieces. Gold is the new silver...


  14. HI Betsy, thanks for stopping....gold is the new silver here too!!



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