13 May 2010

Now *This* is Chic {Provence}

The very cool mother-daughter team of Appley and Zoe Hoare perfectly articulated the Chic Provence look in the 18th century old wine and eau de vie factory they recently finished restoring in the south of France.

And why shouldn't they? The Pimlico Road, London antiquaires have been dealing in French country furniture for over 15 years and have created a perfectly rustic, elegant vacation home in Provence (don't we all want that feeling in our own homes..a sense that we are on vacation from the workaday world?)

Come take a peek inside La Bastide, The Gard, France. Shall we rendez-vous there?

artichokes and lemons on a zinc-topped table..
says "vacation" to me!

I love this room: the long, low cabinet looks like it's from
salvaged wood; the breeze gently lifts the gossamer draperies
I love the spare and lean aesthetic

how would you like to have your (10) friends over for
a lovely supper in your kitchen?

limestone everywhere, and accented with the sharp
spring green of the pears and candles

can you see yourself, your family and friends all gathered round
this magnificent coffee table talking about the day's adventures
and playing a round of gin rummy?

a soothing, romantic retreat after sunny days exploring the
Roman ruins of Provence..or perhaps hiking by the sea

the off-handedly chic arrangement of rustic
items with a gilt Directoire mirrors is
simple and elegant

l'heure des aperitifs..un Bandol, with buttered radishes and olives?

an old iron gueridon and an armoire are perfectly spare and curved
and a great foil for the collection of pith helmets and straw hat

all photos from La Bastide website


featured in Josephine Ryan's latest book


Appley Hoare Antiques


in 2010, it's:

Kit Golson Design

for elegant, sustainable and pragmatic

Chic Provence Interior Design


  1. I love those photos!! I'm wondering if I could do that cloth canopy in my bedroom... :)

  2. You know, Jenny, I have been having the very same thoughts..:)



  3. Petit info il pleut en Provence en ce moment!
    joli reportage


  4. Love it!! Thank you for sharing. When are you going? Maybe I can join you...wishing.

  5. Oh so beautiful. I looove the bedroom with the purple throw pillows!!

  6. It's amazing, the zinc table, open doors leading off the kitchen.. beautiful! xx

  7. What beauty, I'm drooling!!! Blessings~~~Daphne

  8. hi kit! got fixated with the limestone walls and fireplace,it is so versatile and i can picture that with any designs. i will check out that book! thanks...verbena cottage

  9. Manon cherie, quelle dommage! ici, plein du soliel aujourdhui...mille mercis pour la visite!

    a bientot!


  10. Havin heart palpitations over here! Thanks for the mini vacation!

  11. That living room! Now that's my Provencal dream: all the stone for an old, lived-in but yet stately feel; the muted lightness of the creams and taupes as a counterbalance to the hot summer weather; and candlelight. Perfection.
    Thanks for yet another brilliant look at Provencal life.
    All the best,

  12. What a place! I love it all and agree that we all need a touch of Provencal delight in our lives.
    I'm there in a heart beat. When are we going? :)

    xx Charlotta

  13. Dear Kit... I know and love Appley Hoare Antiques! This is such a beautiful post and I love the zinc table with all the lemons! Gorgeous..... have a wonderful week-end!

  14. Kit, your photos are breathtaking. I especially love the photo with the sheer drapes blowing in the room contrasted by otherwise modern elements in the room and then that gorgeous rustic furniture piece along the back wall. I love your blog :) Michelle / Michelle Jamieson Interiors

  15. Anonymous14 May, 2010

    Just say the word: I'll be there to sit at that wonderful zinc top table! Tres, tres jolie!

  16. Oh the bedroom is so beautiful...and I love the "dressing table", so simple. I wish I could be there right now, swoon... Thanks for sharing, Love from London x

  17. very pretty! i love the subtle color pallet.

  18. All those pics look fantastic, but I love the table spread on the first one.

  19. how beautiful! I love the pairing of those chairs with the rustic table, the plate display and that fireplace is gorgeous! : )

  20. Yeah it's always hard to find something for a wedding!! Thank you =)

    Great inspiration pictures!!

  21. Dear Kit,
    I love these pictures!!
    J' adore ton Blog!!

    Bisous :)
    Have a Wonderful weekend!!!

    Daniela "DREAM SHABBY CHIC" Milano

  22. So charming, Kit!
    Thanks so much for your kind and supportive comment. Have a wonderful wknd. xo

  23. Love the dining room - this is the exact style of table I want - but, a bit shorter as my home will not allow that length. Great finding you..I have a lot of back reading to do here!

  24. OK, half these photos are going in my inspiration folder. LOVE THE LIMESTONE!

  25. The limestone is fantastic, but the zinc table with the plates and those awesome doors are truly what makes this place inviting for me. They remind me of Sunday lunch after church growing up. Roasted chicken or Stuffed roasted fish... (maybe not provence, but seriously wonderful memories)

  26. sooooooo lovely... i love all of the images... esp the table for 10 eat in kitchen... hope you are well xx

  27. Hi and love the photos, off to check out the book too! kelley : )

  28. I was just checking out new blogs and came across yours. I love these photos. They are amazing. Your blog is super cute. Glad I found it. Thanks for sharing this. I became a new follower. Maybe come check out my blog if you like. Have a lovely day!

  29. Wow...lovely book, very inspirational!

  30. Bonjour! Just found your lovely blog. These images are stunning! Off to visit that side. xx

  31. i have that book and i love it!


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