30 July 2010

Violet Trends While France Vacations!

A lilac-drenched coffee
machine from Krups

Since tomorrow is August 1, as anyone who has ever visited, lived in or done business with France knows, forget about getting much done in the next thirty days..or until "la rentrée ", when the kids go back to school and the adults trudge back to the workplace!

For one solid month, tout le monde will be on les vacances leaving us here in the New World green with envy for all the time the French have off from work! So while they are at the mountains, by the seashore or on the islands, we here in America can take a vacation from our white-cabinets-stainless-appliances-white-tile-ebonized-floors-kitchens and check out these cuisines a la francaise in what looks to be a seriously trending color over there: le violet (or..purple!)

They made me smile; they made me think of vacation homes. They also made me wonder just a little bit about who is really brave enough to do an entire kitchen in purple?

What do you think?

A liberal use of purple makes a very strong statement
in this contemporary French kitchen!

Fabulous retro-style refrigerator comes in brilliant colors from Gorenje!

Deep aubergine cabinets and island make a rich
and sophisticated statement in this chic urban kitchen..

I do adore these cassis color cabinets by Mobalpa!

Efficient French kitchenette with violet cabinets
tucked into small space looks great!

A purple blender...fun!

Even venerable Emile Henry is in on the
trend with this Fig colored cocotte!

And just to be quite sure you get the point, here
is a very purple Brabantia dust bin!

all images Côté Maison


To Each His Own Summer!


  1. Kit ... I have to say I think it all looks stunning and I do so love the lilacs, mauves,violets, purples and lavenders! I am actually just ordering some Manuel Canovas toile fabric in lilac and it is gorgeous. I also adore lavender and those images of lavender fields waving in the breeze are always intoxicating. Gorgeous post and have a lovely week-end!

  2. Hi Frances!! I know, ever since working on this post, I see purples, violets, lavenders, lilacs eveywhere I look and am loving it all...what a lovely change! I would love to see your Manuel Cansovas toile, do post photos!!

    So very nice to hear from you and hoping you have a fabulous weekend down-under!



  3. Hi Kit, Those colors are gorgeous! A lot more saturation of color than what we had been seeing. I think the lilacs and lavenders and smokey plums are just a natural color combination with the greys... so in that sense, it doesn't surprise me to see them... ~Terri

  4. Well hello Terri! I know, we are not used to such saturated colors in our kitchens, etc...but you are right the greys are such a natural, and the whites look great too...hope you have a great weekend, stay cool!



  5. It is indeed holiday time in France....for everyone....because like it or not nothing gets done this month....I kind of like it! Happy weekend Kit, xv.

  6. Hi,
    I like those colors very much.
    I would buy the accessoires in lila, purple, lavender, but i would choose a color like white or grey for the furniture.

    In a few days I'll go to Provence! Not far from Carpentras.

    Alors bonnes vacances et bonne route!
    Salut *Tasiaa

  7. A violet coffee machine? Brillant!! I love adding color to the kitchen and this would be a terrific addition to mine :-)

  8. Hi Vicki, enjoy your holidays in paradise!

    all best


  9. Salut *Tasiaa! merci pour la visite!

    bonnes vanances!


  10. Hi Jen, now that I have seen your blog/style, I agree...a violet coffee machine is in your future!

    thanks so much for visiting


  11. It is fabulous! Purple has incredible hues that are now being explored....It is Lavender, Plum, it is amazing!!!!!/and it mixes very well with the greys.....;) Maryanne

  12. I need to show this to my friend who is all about the color purple!
    She will love it! Pretty color!

  13. As much as I love this color...and I DO love it! I never thought to add it to my kitchen...until NOW! thanks! xx

  14. I just discovered your lovely blog! This is a beautiful color and indeed a pretty kitchen. It would look great in a NY loft.

    Thanks for sharing et vive les vacances!

  15. You had me at deep aubergine! I truly love this color and the kitchen ... I would cook so much and bake and have such a wonderful time there. I shall dream of this kitchen!

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