01 September 2010

Le refuge provençal

If you have ever been to Ramatuelle, in Provence, close to St. Tropez and situated directly on the rocky Mediterrannean coast, you will remember many things. The craggy cliffs are home to wild rosemary, fennel and olive trees and their scent is in the air. Brigitte Bardot lives her "vie sauvage" steps away from the sea in a walled enclave I have only seen from the outside. Inside her walls, she shelters orphaned animals of all kinds and lives out her life surrounded by the wild beauty of this incredible area. If you want to live a beach life that is *tres* naturelle, (or if you forgot to pack your swimsuit), this beach is for you!

Pining for Provence as I am today, I was thrilled to find photos of the Ramatuelle retreat of Paris antique dealer Stéphane Olivier.

in the spirit of Provençal design,
a Swedish buffet and a Gustavian clock
coexist with a 19th c. painting by Jules Didier

a dining room inspired by the brocantes, a
Gustavian table is surrounded by Swedish Rococco chairs
next to an Italian buffet, mercury glass and an
18th c. pottery olive oil jar

in the bedroom, a school botanical chart on the wall
over a small 18th c. commode; a mercury glass Virgin Mary and
"found" mirrored picture frames

iron garden chair Napoléon III for listening to the cigales chirping
and the wind in the olive trees, typical provençal countryside

19th c. wooden door with candle, Portugese

a terrace in the heart of nature, blown glass hurricane lamps,
and a salt pot in pottery from Biot; under the iron pergola, the
table is set with antique embroidered linens and surrounded
by Italian chairs

Italian bronze chair, 18th c. in
front of light linen curtains in Caravane fabric

two charming parrots in front of black coral

pottery pitchers from Biot

Stéphane Olivier Rive gauche. 3, Rue de L'université, 75006 Paris. tél. : 01 42 96 10 00 la petite maison. 10, rue paul-bert, 93400 saint-ouen. tél. : 01 40 10 56 63 et www.stephaneolivier.fr


  1. I think once you have lived in Provence, a little bit of your heart stays there...

  2. oh my heart just gave a little sigh of content. these are just perfection...

  3. This home is lovely...dreaming of Provence

  4. This home is magic - like a fairy tail!

    (I'm just back from Provence.)

    Salut! *Tasiaa

  5. Merci pour ce petit reportage d'un endroit que j'aime...



  6. love these photos. Thanks for a breath of Provencal air today!

  7. HI KIT-

    LOVELY! I have met Stephane many times and admire his style.
    I think he has actually passed his PETITE MAISON at the flea market on to one of his colleagues who seems to be running it now.
    Photos and captivating light are glorious here...how superb.
    see you soon, I hope. DIANE

  8. Dear Kit,

    thanks for stopping by; I will email you now; LOVE this post for so many reasons. Just beautiful! I am your newest follower and can't wait to see more of your posts! amities, Andrea

  9. I dream....I miss...well, you know. Great post Kit. Merci.

  10. Oh,this home is just beautiful! Thank you for introducing this antiques dealer to us!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. All lovely images, but I really, really want that door! Have a wonderful weekend.

  12. Hi KIT,
    I LOVE IT!!!
    Oh J'adore la Provence
    J'ai appellé ma nouvelle Colection des Bijoux:
    "Douce Provence".....
    Bisous <3

  13. Hi Kit,
    This is just lovely. I am in love with Provence these days. BTW, I've been following you for a while too, and will add you to my blogroll. You have such a beautiful blog. Now I can keep up with your posts.

  14. Hi

    I just accidentally stumbled across your blog... .You really have an incredibly lovely blog! It was a pleasure to visit!


  15. These images are so beautiful! They make me wish I were anywhere but sitting in front of my computer right now!! I should be drinking wine and eating cheese and baguette in the garden!

    :) Hazel

  16. Nice post, it is really delightful to spend time, on your post.

  17. I never went to Ramatuelle but I am dying to go. My boyfriend just moved to Nice for a year to do a finance masters so I should be down in the South much more often and will definitely stop in thanks to your recommendation and inspiration!

    xoxo Bardot in Blue sending you love from Paris

  18. Oh my goodness this is simply divine! I am your newest follower!

  19. Beautiful pics and I simply love those outdoor iron chairs soo... Provencal. I have spent some time in Caromb and also Vence - but have never been to St Tropez or Ramatuelle.

  20. I love the chairs in these images especially that 18th century bronze chair!

  21. my heart stays here. . .The chairs looks very elegant and the place, I really adore refreshing places where you can think of peace.

  22. ...aahhhhh...
    I feel like I just went on a wonderful little getaway! Very peaceful.

  23. Just found your blog and love it. Having spent some significant time in France and with the French, I agree. Part of you stays there. I'm your newest follower.

  24. Wow - these items are gorgeous! I love your blog!


  25. Thanks for visiting and becoming a follower!

  26. There are no words for that door! So I'll try for the chair....amazing!!

  27. Spent so many summers in Ramatuelle...everytime I am in provence it is harder to leave. was just there after the paris shows "shopping" for a place to live part of the year.So far, Mougins, Luberon, Cassis, would love to have Ramatuelle on my list but so very pricy and busy in the summers. I just could move into their house!!

  28. Bonjour Kit ... these images are gorgeous! I especially love the 18th century commode with the botanical above it. As you know I'm an 18th century style kind of girl and it is beautiful. I also adore Gustavian/Swedish style as well ... so peaceful and elegant. When we were in France in '07 and '08 we did everything but Provence. Our next trip next year we are definitely going there ....Aix-en-Provence was nearly on our agenda and then as always with holidays you run out of time. We did the Loire Valley and stayed in the most gorgeous chateau and in Paris stayed in 17th century apartments on Ille St Louis which was incredible. We also did the French Riviera which was amazing but Provence is next on the list. Beautiful post as always and have a gorgeous Sunday. I must thank-you also for introducing me to Karina ... I have bought from her the most incredible Louis the 15th style French sofa dating back to 1910. I am so excited to be owning a little piece of French history. I didn't think it was possible to ship from New Orleans to Australia but somehow we have made it happen and it should be arriving in about 5 weeks!
    best wishes always

  29. I could sit on that Napoléon III iron garden chair all day long...

  30. kit...sooo lovely... i agree with MA... love the commode with the botanical.. so cool... hoping this finds you well... xx pam

  31. wow! excellent post! thanks a lot for sharing..

  32. Bonjour Kit,
    Thank you for your kind message. You have the loveliest blog yourself and I am as well your newest follower and have added you to my blogroll.
    I remember reading this article in Maison Française and was intrigued by the door.


  33. I love all the items, but I especially find the antique drawer in the first image very beautiful. Kellie xx

  34. I'm picturing myself on that terrace the scent of olive trees floating in the air. I would so love to pack my bags now kit. This was a delight to see and read.

    Wishing you a lovely rest of this week. xo deb

  35. Kit, I say after we hit Frances in Australia, we hop on over to Provence.

    Thanks for your lovely and beautiful post!


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  37. J'arrive de chez "En Provence" ...
    J'aime les regards si différents mais toujours passionnés que nous portons sur la belle Provence.
    C'est une jolie découverte.
    A Bientôt.

  38. Красивый дом

  39. What a beautiful set of photos, Kit! Thanks for such a beautiful post!

  40. I like the syles of 18 century because they give you the sense of living that period without actually being there.the chairs are special and the decoration is very authentic.thanks for the post.

  41. Wat a beautiful post! I can't remove my eyes from it. Awesome.

  42. Nice indoor of a dreamy house.


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