15 October 2010

Les Couleurs du Soleil & Lavender Madeleines

If you've ever been to Provence, you will always remember the colors of the homes and buildings there. (If you haven't been, you must come with me!) Brilliant roses, pinks, ocres & coral facades complement the tile roofs. Millwork is painted in complementary colors of green, blue, aubergine, yellow and cream.

These are the colors of the Mediterranean coast. You might be surprised to find that the pigments are made from the earth in Provence. In the Vaucluse there is a wonderful place dedicated to the colors of Provence and how they are mined from the earth.

everyone's favorite: the Matisse Museum in Nice
the color is incredible, and the white trim is gorgeous
photo courtesy Matisse Museum

colors for the facade, the roof and the trim
of Provence houses
from Coté Sud 1999

hillside in the Vaucluse where the pigments for the
colors are mined
photo courtesy Mairie de Rousillon

the ochres and tawny shades of Provencal houses

a melange of windows, doors and shutters in all colors
of Provence

more of the hillsides in the Vaucluse
above images from Cahier de Provence, Cote Sud, 1999


it is easy to understand why Paul Cézanne loved Provence and its colors
self portrait, 1875

The House with Burst Walls, Cézanne, 1893

Jas de Bouffan, 1886, Cézanne


all these gorgeous colors brought to mind the
Provence Yellow stove from Lacanche,
which then reminded me of baking
Lavender Madeleines!

(recipe below)

lavender madeleines on vintage French cloth
and Minton tea cups

photo my iPhone

for 12 madeleines:

140 g of sugar

130 g of flour

2 egg yolks

3 whole eggs

pinch of salt

5 g yeast

100 g clarified butter

1 TBS olive oil of Haute Provence, fine and soft, with the

aroma of almonds and honey

1/2 TBS dried and chopped lavender buds

* begin by clarifying the butter: warm in a little pan,

removing the foam on the surface with a spoon

* mix the three whole eggs and the egg yolks, the sugar,

the flour, the salt and yeast together in a small bowl

*incorporate without beating the liquid butter, cooled,

the olive old and the lavender flowers

* pour batter into madeleine molds that are buttered and floured;

chill for 30 minutes in the refrigerator; place in 180 degree Celsius oven for 15 minutes

* unmold the madeleines and let them cool on a rack

from “Les meilleures recettes de l’Huile d’Olive”

by Jacques Chibois and Olivier Baussan


for interior and event design call
Kit Golson Design for
Chic Provence


  1. an absolutely beautiful piece. I have never been but could easily spend a happy lifetime there, I am sure. Those doors and shutters and wonderful...

  2. HI Donna, thanks for visiting! I'm quite sure you would love Provence!

    a bientot!


  3. Love the pinks and corals, terracotta, ochre, very inspiring for any painter!!

    I have a Luxurious New Giveaway on my site....Come and enter!!

    Art by Karena

  4. Kit, love this post. While driving around the countryside in Europe I have often shouted to my husband to STOP...the need photograph the side of a stucco house perched atop a hill was exactly as you described. I will keep this in my inspiration file for the colors. The pinks remind me of tourmalines :)

  5. The colours are glorious. I am passionate about colour and there is a lot in my life but I am at a stage where the softer richer tones are appealing to me. Thank you for calling in to see me I enjoyed your visit.
    Thanks for the recipe for 12 madeleines! all my recipes are for 24 and I only have 1 tray and there are only two of us to eat them and they are best when warm so we kinda stuff ourselves!!!
    I will be back Julienne

  6. merci pour ce bel hommage à cette belle Provence.

    Bon weekend


  7. Dear Kit ... so beautiful ... I love Provence and all of the gorgeous colours! Cezanne had it right! Lavender, ochre, azure, pink .... I am going to try and make your Lavender Madeleines .. they look incredible especially with the Minton teacups. Do you have the Pierre Frey Minton Teacups fabric? Hope you are well ...
    best wishes and hugs

  8. Wow, beautiful pictures! I have never been to Provence but would love to go. The colours look amazing.


  9. Fabulous I adore the colours here in Provence and will miss them when we leave tomorrow.

    Leeann x

  10. The Provence colors are beautiful warm colors. Nice blog about colors.

  11. nice article

    I like your blog
    My usual comments on your blog

    as well as am following your blog

    hope you like my blog and enjoy reading

  12. La Provence - les couleurs - les odeurs!

    Merci pour your sentimental journey!


  13. A delicious post in every way...xv

  14. FABULOUS post.... love the colours of provence! hope you are well sweet friend... xx

  15. Kit~ this post makes me smile....and then it makes me want to book a trip to Provence....what a perfect post for a gray Monday. have a lovely week~

  16. Hi Kit, tank you for passing and leaving your lovely comment to my post!
    You have a very beautiful blog too!!!! Tank you for this lovely post about the Provence, that is my big love!!! I love Roussillon and another lovely village not so far from it:Gordes( you surely know it)I go there everytime is possible.
    Have a nice week and see you soon.

  17. Hello from Roussillon, in Vaucluse!!!
    Merci pour ce beau reportage de ma jolie région, et ses merveilleuses couleurs!!
    Douce semaine

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