11 December 2010

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Lavender :)

Hope your December is full of all good things so far: the spicy scents of holiday makings, the warm glow of the fire, fingerless cashmere gloves so you can use your iPhone, a cup of hot chocolate after a brisk turn at the shops.

As a designer, Christmas packs a lot into a few short weeks. First, clients need you now more than ever! Christmas is all about creating a festive, inviting and joyful atmosphere. And gratefully this year I am quite busy. Secondly, you have to give your own home some attention... and sometimes, like the shoemaker whose children go shoeless, you just pull things together, forget to polish the silver, can't find the right vase and don't have time to go shopping... so when you have a deadline, you use what you have and call it a day.

As my dear friend Tish Jett kindly said to my blushing ears:

"Kit's aesthetic is eclectic, while capturing that unique je ne sais quoi of Provence. She understands the potent cocktail of its romance, nonchalant elegance, warmth and comfort which is so rarely replicated by Americans who look for the "nothing out of place" sterility that does not in any way reflect l'art de vivre in France."
I am so happy that Tish, who is American and lives in Paris, sees me that way. She has captured in her words my very philosophy about la vie Provençale. Her words were un petit cadeau for me this Christmas time. Mille mercis, Tish!

Here, then, is our home at Christmastime, 2010:

the lavender inspiration
for the dining room

I layered the table with old French linen, and over that, an embroidered
organdy overlay... then used lavender silk to ground the place settings,
added a little bling with lavender paillards, and kept the feeling
light, simple and elegant

the lavender cowhide layered over old French linenis perfect for the
dessert sideboard! (this photo makes me realize just how badly I need the
perfect sconces on either side of our large, large 19th C. painting... right?)

roughly cut lavender silk rectangles ground the place settings;
layered on topare vintage lace placemats and silverware;
the lovely plate is Anthropologie and the vase is a vintage
Provençal bee catcher jar

sideboard is ready for the 13 desserts de Noel, a
Christmas eve Provencal tradition!


bay leaves layered in tulle with white lights
are the inspiration for the living room;
this made a great swag for the mantel
(it looks best against a white background)

the details of the bay leave are lost in this photo with hotspots
where the lights are but in person it is truly beautiful!

some Christmases you have a really beautiful
tree; others not so much... this year I admit
I have the most un-photogenic tree ever, I think!
but we love it anyway :)

the wreath on the front door given to me by
a lovely friend 12 years ago; it reminds me of
her every Christmas and remains the same
although the door changes color frequently, bien sûr!


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  1. Kit is it a stunning table. I love the lavender and your fine eye for detail!

    Art by Karena

  2. SO beyond lovely! Thank you so much for this beautiful tour! Merry Christmas!

  3. Everything looks wonderful. I can see why you keep using that beautiful wreath! Merry Christmas. K

  4. i love your bay lead details...just beautiful.It looks as if you are really ready for the holidays.

  5. very pretty,and the touches of lavender are perfection.

  6. So refreshing to have original photos! Lovely.
    Mary Ann

  7. These images are inspiring, love the dinnerware.
    Have a nice week.

  8. LOVE it ! But, then again - I live in a Lavender House !

    thanks for sharing,

  9. soooooo G O R G E O U S... i am such a lavender girl... the fragrance and esp the color... i love the small round trim at your table... so pretty...
    you are amazing... you know i think you are completely fabulous...
    wishing you the most wonderful holiday season... ever.... xoxo

  10. Nice blog. I liked it! You should visit and follow my blogs. Thanks..



  11. Great images, I love lavender.

  12. I loe lavender such a beautiful colour and wonderful scent. Great for headaches and soothing. Love your designs. Carla

  13. Absolutely adore Lavender and your designs are truly outstanding Kit!

  14. Kit, your home looks stunning! I love the lavender accents and it does look authentically French. Happy Holidays! xo

  15. This post is amazing, just like anything you write and talk about. And I love lavander colour and scent. Most of all I love what Tish Jett said about you, she speaks (obviously) must better than I do but I want you to know I back up every word she said. You're the best, Kit. Lotsa love and talk soon.

  16. Beautiful! Merry Christmas and keep blogging!

  17. Beautiful!

    Lovely blog!



  18. Everything looks perfect, Kit; I am especially loving the laurel in the tulle....so creative, so Provencal, so pretty...wishing you a lovely Christmas week~

  19. It all looks outstanding...so happy that I came by! Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!


  20. What a beautiful table you have made. I loved all your pieces especially the Christmas tree. Have a Merry Christmas.

  21. Lavender any time is perfect. No matter how you think you tree looks, it's better than mine. We were out of town the last couple of weeks, and I decided not to even put one up. I miss the sparkling lights but will not miss putting everything away. Happy Holidays.

  22. That lavender cowhide is singing to me! Wonderful details.

  23. So many beautiful designs for your Christmas tableau. I particularly was enchanted by the bay leaves in tulle...ephemeral...so nice. Your tablescape is beautiful and unexpected. Thank you for sharing with us. Cherry Kay

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