11 January 2011

Dreaming of Provence :)

Just barely able to keep up with projects and work after the long and luxurious holidays, I find myself dreaming of Provence. Would you like to join me at our own private, chic little gite in the Luberon hills? Well, we can dream of lovely holidays to come!

Tory Burch espradrilles are perfect for
our Provence escape!

the entrance gates to the compound
in the Luberon hills where we will
find our own private little gite tucked
into the hillside

climbing the stone stairway up to our little haven in the sky!

arriving at our own private courtyard

the poolside seriously beckons to us!

our friends can join us under the shade in the wicker chairs
for a lazy dejeuner

the living room is cool, comfortable and oh so chic!

love these glam lights over the limestone stairway

sleeping with a view of the hills!

the adorable "loft de entertainment" awaits late night movie watching

simple and romantic, light is filtered through organdy canopy

a restful palette of stone, cream and gray with freshly ironed linens

putty painted headboards are the ultimate in rustic simplicity under
the rafters in the grenier

all photos are of La Grange near Beaumes de Venise

And what, you ask, should we pack to wear for such a chic getaway? Toss in a few little things by Tory Burch, bien sür! Ready? Let's go!

here we are, cherie! we look fabulously relaxed beside our piscine
in our perfectly languorous resort wear

getting dressed for a walk in the village

colorful accessories and stripes are the perfect foil for
the limestone and tile surroundings

a little bit Missoni, a little bit Indienne, a little bit Provence... this look
is utterly perfect for our chic little vacance in the Luberon!



  1. Stop...stop...stop...it's torture!!! sweet torture....if only I could. Wonderful pics...thanks..k

  2. Those prints on those dresses are absolutely brilliant. I love them.

  3. Doesn't that look like heaven!

  4. looks like a load of fun.... xoxoxox

  5. Heaven!!!!! I really miss France now; see what you've done? Merci anyway. Great post and fabulous place fabulously photographed.

  6. lovely and inspiring images. I also love the contrast of the limestone staircase and the chandelier.

    I'm hosting a great giveaway. Would you come and enter?

  7. Oh my goodness! I feel like I've just been on a little 'vacance' to Provence - and I *live* here!

    Really lovely.

  8. This post is amazing and a little breath taking too. Such a douleur exquisite. You go girl. Huge hugs.

  9. This house is perfect, the pictures are beautiful.
    And Tory Burch outfits are great!
    Love your post, as always.

  10. Kit so many gorgeous images!!!I so wish I could go!

    Also, I have a Great New Giveaway from Blydesign! Come and enter!

    Art by Karena

  11. I keep thinking I want to go to Paris... however... maybe since I have already been thee I should tour Provence instead... hmmmmm


  12. Hardworking women deserve a perfect vacation to a place like that. It'll be a dream come true if I can stay there even for a night.

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  14. Hi Kit! Thanks for stopping by my blog. First time I've met another Kit either in the blogosphere or in real life! We've got a climate similar to Provence here in SA but I miss the history of Europe, and the wonderful French food - guess that's why Corey's blog is so compelling!

  15. I can be packed in no time...unfortunately it is still a little cold these.
    Love the espadrilles, but it would be more fun to buy them at the local market...

  16. Complimenti per lo stile, per l'eleganza. Un abbraccio. Domus

  17. just found your site--you are certainly going to be one of my very favorites--pictures are wonderful--objects that I wish I could find in the USA in my hunting--will be watching Sherron

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