27 February 2011

Pushing Printemps

Even though in my heart I know that winter's rains and chill are not over, today we had a little teaser of springtime to come. When our plum trees bloom and the sun shines all on the same day, who wouldn't love up an impromptu breakfast outdoors? Since we have not even ventured into the garden in months, I set this one up on a makeshift table of reclaimed redwood planks on a vintage garden cart that I found in the shed.

in June we will pick hundreds of luscious plums
from this tree, but for now, a gorgeous
canopy of blossoms over our breakfast!

dappled with sunshine under the plum tree with
mossy ground, the table is set with vintage
French hand embroidered linen, vintage pitchers,
Phillipe desHouillieres plates, Meyer lemons from
our tree, and IKEA demitasse

the plum blossoms sprinkle over the
ground like so many snowflakes; in the
background you can see the tomato cages
patiently waiting their turn
in the vegetable patch

the view of the garden earlier this week... unending
rain and gloom, wind and chill

hope your Sunday is lovely!


  1. Aah, c'est practically Provencal!

  2. This post makes me ache for Spring. Sunny day in Connecticut, tried to go running but still too much snow on the trails. Tried yard work, the snow is by now o hard that I gave up. At lest I can watch the cardinals, blue jays woodpeckers and squirrels enjoy the bird seeds

  3. Looks like beautiful California is having some pretty fantastic weather. Lovely setting for outdoor eating anytime.



  4. Your garden looks so pretty even after rain. I love your blossom trees. Such a lovely way to start your day.Very dreamy. Fiona

  5. What a delightful setting and I would just love to join you there... I'll bring the macarons!


  6. Kit,

    How delightful, you made this breakfast in the garden a picture of spring on its way!

    I have an Artful Offering and Interview on my site!

    Art by Karena

  7. Just beautiful and serene. I can't even imagine having a plum tree! We used to have a cherry tree when we lived in Michigan and it was wonderful. It must smell heavenly! Beautiful photos

  8. what a delight! cannot wait for spring!

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