11 July 2011

Breathlessly Catching Up

When your only daughter decides in May that she is getting married in July, even if the wedding is small and in a friend's backyard, it has a way of taking over your life! We are very lucky that she is an event planner and a brilliant caterer and is marrying her business partner! We are of course thrilled for Lisa and Steven and were ecstatic when he proposed to her in Provence this spring!

Of great importance for us Femmes d'un Certain Age is finding the right dress to wear to. And that, dear readers, is no easy task, requiring shopping, fretting, sleepless nights and searching for perfect combination of fit, flatter, fabulous & feasible while striking just the correct note of not trying too hard and certainly letting the beautiful bride be the star of her day.

So...the wedding, along with a huge new client project, a road trip to Portland, Oregon over the 4th (fun!) and a fatal leak in our swimming pool (we are hosting the backyard rehearsal dinner) have kept me very busy and quite distracted from my beloved blogging. I should have been pruning roses and sighing over bridal gowns and tablescape colors! Instead, there is mud everywhere I look and I am working 12 hours a day:)

I am quite certain I now have your complete sympathy!

So yesterday I found the perfect dress. Exhale! I slept soundly last night, knowing all is well! Here's a little peek at the wonderful shop where we... bride, mother of bride and mother of groom... all had a delightful time shopping on a rare sunny summer day in San Francisco!

And today the amazing guys are replacing all the swimming pool plumbing, while we dither over bluestone, grass or a combination to replace the deck around the pool.

And the huge interior design project is blissfully, beautifully nearly finished.

We just might pull this off! Stay tuned!

the ceiling of the dress shop is decorated
with these beautiful Chinese silk parasols;
I love the way they look like floating
jellyfish over your head!

the gorgeous dress! now all I
need to find are nude colored
patent leather shoes to complete
the look

what do you think?


we drove 12 hours through 114 degree heat to
arrive at Crater Lake Lodge on July 2 and
found 10' snowdrifts!


ouch! my pretty backyard looks like
a war zone! we have just over two
weeks to go before we host
the rehearsal dinner here!

of course, Nicky loves all the dirt!

wish me luck


thank goodness I've been able to immerse myself
in designing this gorgeous radiused summer room for a
ca. 1888 mansion in Marin County!

this lovely rendering is by my assistant on the project,
Yuliya Krupnik, and shows the furnishings
I have designed for this room

stay tuned, more to follow when we are completed with
all five rooms!


thanks for visiting!... Kit


  1. the dress is lovely
    the backyard will be lovely

    Have a good, exciting time!


  2. HI Franka! thanks so much for that vote of confidence!

    have a great week


  3. Yes, you do have all my sympathy! The dress looks lovely though (you have totally avoided the nightmare aqua suit) and I'm sure the pool will be neat and sweet by the time of the wedding.

  4. Good luck with everything. The dress is so pretty. The color just pops. ;)

    Bella Vida by Letty
    Have a great day.

  5. HI Tricia Rose and BellaVida, thanks too for your confidence-boosters! I am of course quite excited and very happy for my daughter on her big day.. I know everything will be wonderful!



  6. I love what you're designing in Marin. We used to live in Novato and miss the area. Can't wait to see more.

    Love, Jody Gabara

  7. Oh Jody how nice of you! Thanks for the visit, I'm off to see your blogs, which sound tres interesting!



  8. Stunning dress, Kit! You & Lisa will be setting new wedding trends.

  9. HI Claire! thanks for visiting! let's hope that dress is spot on!



  10. Stephanie13 July, 2011

    Kit - congratulations on so many fronts! Lisa's engagement must have been a highlight of a spectacular sojourn in Provence. Your dress is just beautiful - what a rich color. And the Marin room looks like a little jewel box. Happy, happy summer to you, Chris, Lisa and her husband to be.


  11. Good luck, Hope you find the nude color shoes for your gorgeous dress.

  12. The dress is gorgeous; hope the wedding turns out great:)

  13. Wish you and your daughter all the best.
    The dress is beautiful.

  14. Your dress is stunning, and nude shoes are a snap to find online. Besides, who doesn't love a package...heaven. It's amazing what one woman and lots of workers can get done in two week - can't wait to see!!

  15. Dear Kit, LOVE the dress! It is so perfect and the color is fabulous. Stuart Weitzmann has some super comfy, nude, patent, kitten heel pumps. Go to zappos, try them all and return the 49 rejects! Lots of love, Gretchen

  16. Oh congrats!! Your dress is truly gorgeous and I'm sure you will pull the whole thing off wonderfully!

    The French Mouse

  17. darling kit....
    isnt it amazing how life throws us all of the "zingers" good or bad and somehow we can juggle it all?

    wow you have alot on your plate and i am dizzy thinking about it... but as most circumstances, all works out very well although at the time we have no idea how. that is when faith comes in... and i know you are loaded with it to handle this so well....

    i wish you and your family so much happiness for your daughters wedding and i will come join you poolside one day when the dust settles!

    enjoy your weekend... and hope you find the perfect shoe!

  18. I will keep my fingers crossed for you and hope everything goes well. The dress is lovely and I think a pair of nude shoes would go really well. Wishing you a lovely weekend, Love from London xo

  19. I feel your pain! My daugher is getting married in October but originally wanted August.....after my son's January wedding. I am so glad she was willing to hold off a little so we could get things in place for the big day. Happy planning.

    BTW, love the dress!

  20. Oh Kit, I'm soooo happy to see your dress! The color is absolutely beautiful and PERFECT for you! You'll be stunning. Don't fret over the pool; it'll be done and time and will look beautiful too!

    Can't wait to see more about the mansion job - wow!

    Let me know if I can help with anything! Hugs!


  21. I am sure you will look fabulous and the wedding will be divine.

    Lisa xx

  22. It's all good!!! (Not the pool) Love the dress and the room, gorgeous!!!!The wall color is yummy!!!!!Your lucky to have an assistant like that! Maryanne xo

  23. The dress is fabulous!! Gorgeous color. Sounds like it's a really exciting time over there :-)

    And the room you designed is beautiful too!

  24. The dress is just perfect: what a color!
    I too have one daughter and oh, yes, cannot wait for a future wedding!!!
    Love following your blog Kit...

  25. Hi! The dress is lovely and i'm sure everything will be ready in time! Loved you blog, i'm your newest follower! If you have the time, come visit mine, maybe you'll enjoy it!


  26. The dress is so pretty, my color :o).Good luck!

  27. Wow! Sounds like quite a summer so far! My Husband and I also go married in a short span of time, but I figure it gives you less time to "over fuss" about things and just focus on what is truly essential. We pulled it off in 6 weeks and I wouldn't change a thing...I hope all goes beautifully!

    Thanks so much for stopping by and following my blog! I will enjoy reading yours!

  28. The dress is beautiful....I'm sure it will all come together just fine!

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