10 November 2011

Early Spring Provence

While we are busy getting fall underway, here's a little reminder of spring to cheer you!

could anything be prettier than this
chateau in the Luberon in the spring?

photo by Steven McCormick


thanks for visiting! Kit


  1. Kit - Spring never looked so wonderful and tempting. A dark, drizzly day here in Scotland. I already miss the sun but love the environment. I've missed a lot over the last few months. Your design tour sounds like a brilliant idea. Bravo!!

    Hoping all is very well?
    Cheers x Deb

  2. Oh that's lovely! We're planning to visit Provence next April.

  3. Kit, lovely shot! The weather here in Provence has been so weird. First a very warm fall, then that torrential rain, then warm sun yesterday (people running around in shorts) and now chilly, humid and sunny today. But it's all good. It's Provence!
    Can't wait to meet you when you come in Spring.

  4. That is a gorgeous shot - those blossoms on the tree just pop! What a beautiful setting!

  5. That's right ! nothing is prettier than my Luberon !

  6. When will registration begin for the May tour ? I'm starting to feel a bit anxious !!! Keek

  7. Winter has its place .. but only for the fantastic colorful blooms of spring that follow! At least in my book. Provence looks beautiful in spring, but sadly I have only seen it from a train! Here in Los Gatos we live in what was once known as the Valley of Heart's Delight, for the blanket of blossoms on the fruit trees that filled the orchards on the valley floor. When they were in bloom the air was like perfume. Thanks for the image and the chance to reminisce.

  8. So pretty! makes me want to drive there right now :-)

  9. Beautiful Kit! Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers. I am coming along, slow, but sure!!

    Love and Hugs,

    Art by Karena

  10. Nothing much prettier...ever. XO, Mona

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