16 December 2011

A {The Provence Post} Giveaway!

Soon I will be offering a Chic Provence Design Tour Giveaway from Tricia at Rough Linen... but in the meantime, head over to Julie's at The Provence Post. Today she is offering her pal Linda Dannenberg's French Country Diary 2012 as a fabulous giveaway!

Full of the charm of the French countryside, you will be transported each and every day with the beautiful images and Pierre Deux fabrics featured in this classic. Even if you use iCal for scheduling, treat yourself to this tactile delight in menology!

Go enter now, and enjoy Julie's incredible blog!



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  1. HeeHee! You're right about iCal! I think this beautiful hardcopy of a diary would be a perfect addition to 2012!

  2. Bonjour ma belle!

    Oh, la campagne Provençale....CHIC PROVENCE!

    Dearest, your header is just fabulous. I love that very last shot with the cabinet. Funny, I JUST bought a miniature of the exact design in order to make into a little theatre for my Etsy!

    I want to thank you for YOUR kind words this morning. My aim is to be a writer. Teeheee....at my age...but yes. The older we become, the more we see, the more we have to give. I am going to do it, and with the swift encouragement of dear readers like you, it only makes one feel as if they had wings...merci et JOYEUX NOËL!!!!


  3. A must have.. I'm on my way!

  4. The Provence Post--a new blog discovered. Thanks! Surely wish I could join the May Chic Provence Design tour . . . dreaming . . .

  5. Have a happy, happy Christmas Kit.... xv

  6. I just found your beautiful blog.
    As a new follower, I look forward to knowing you nd your visiting me

    Helen Tilston xx

  7. Kit, desejo a ti, teus familiares e todos os visitantes do teu blog um Feliz Natal. Aproveito para informar que dia 02 de janeiro estreia Urbanascidades 2012, igual mas...diferente.
    Paulo Bettanin.

  8. Very nice blog! Im happy I got a chance to stop and take a look! Have a good weekend! Im your newest follower!

    Mark @ room363


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