23 January 2012

Winner! Chic Provence Design Tour Giveaway of Rough Linens!

Wow! I'm so thrilled (but not surprised because Tricia Rose's linens are so spectacular) at the response to the Rough Linen giveaway! Many many thanks to everyone who visited, commented, followed and helped me spread the word about our Chic Provence Design Tour Printemps 2012!

And now, after a lot of work getting the drawing ready... checking out all those wonderful links, follows, tweets and blog posts... we have a very lucky winner! I've also listed all you wonderful bloggers who placed my button or posted about the Provence Tour on your blog. I am extremely grateful to all of you.

And now... the lucky winner! David McGrievey won the drawing! Be sure to check out his wonderful blog,  An Illustrated Life and enjoy not only his pithy writing but his wonderful illustrations peppered throughout... pure delight. 

David I hope you will send us an illustration of your wonderful new linens after you get them from Tricia Rose at Rough Linen! We'll be waiting.

one of David's illustrations.. you are very familiar with
his work I am sure!


we are filling up quickly..
act now to join us on our fabulous
Chic Provence Tour in
the spring! the deadline
for reservations is
March 1, 2012


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  1. I have so enjoyed following the giveaway Kit, and I look forward to hearing from David. Bisoux...

  2. Congratulations to David he is so very talented!!


    Art by Karena

  3. Congratulations to David ! I wish I had won of course, but well deserved, he makes some incredible illustrations. Cute little birds..

    ~ Aina ~

  4. Well deserved, love David's blog....nest time, may i win??

  5. Congratulations to David!

    Kat :)

  6. Congratulations to the winner dahhling... took a look at his blog. Very pretty illustrations indeed.

  7. Love David's work - I'm happy for him!

  8. hi darling friend... you know i soooo wish i could jump in your suitcase... i think i am going in aug-sept... but sooooo tempted.... xoxoxoxoxo

  9. Where are my manners? Thank you, merci.
    This is indeed a wonderful prize but your kind words are what truly touched me.
    You really made my day.
    X David

  10. Congrats to the winner. Stumbled into your blog and so glad to find all the pretty things about Provence. I love France, love Provence. Been there 3 times and very very IMPRESSIVE. Your blog is inspiring. Can't stop to follow. Have just posted on my blog the beautiful views.

    Terrie from Hong Kong.

  11. HI Kit!
    Love your new header! Glad to hear you will be doing another tour.....I know it will be filling up fast the pictures from last year were fabulous!!!!!!!Maryanne xo

  12. Après avoir suspendu son activité pendant de longs mois, le laboratoire va pouvoir enfin reprendre ses publications sur son site officiel.

  13. I really wish I hadn’t seen this as I really want one now!


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