25 March 2014

The Calendar Says Spring is Here...

..but when the temp is minus 2 degrees in Vermont, as my friends there have told me, you have to wonder? No daffodils poking through the snow this week..the first full week of spring.

Here at home, however, it is all about the spring time... and our visit to Filoli last Sunday was just what stuffy, wintered rooms needed... a breath of fresh air! So I invite all my East Coast friends who are expecting yet another frozen week to come feast your eyes on nature's early springtime show here in Northern California at the gorgeous gardens of Filoli, just a few miles from our home in Silicon Valley. Chris, Lisa and I were there together and had such a gorgeous time. Wish you were here! And take heart, spring really really will come!

all photos Kit Golson iPhone


  1. This is a garden of my dreams……….Beautiful springtime images. Warm regards

  2. thank you Elizabeth, this garden inspires legions of visitors and I always get a good idea or two..have a lovely week!

  3. A paradis for me .....
    Thanks for your dreamy photos dear Kit!
    I hope you are fine??
    Happy week!
    With love,

  4. Fabulous Kit, still dreaming of this, as we are still getting quite the cold snaps!

    The Arts by Karena

  5. Oh, the Filoli gardens...it's so beautifu there...and every season looks a little different. I went years ago when they filmed the tv show, Dynasty there back in the 80's. I remember the long beautiful views through the iron gates just as you captured in one of your shots. We've since moved out of the area but think its time I go back for another visit; well worth the drive. :-)

  6. Absolument magnifique ...
    Merci pour ces images printanières qui mettent du baume au coeur.

  7. Olá,
    fico encantada de ver uma jardim tão belo depois de tanto frio. A natureza é linda.
    Tenha uma ótima semana.


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