10 May 2014

Hello Provence!

...it's good to be back! Thank you for your beautiful sunshine and wonderful scents! And your lovely colors...I've only just arrived but already sensing that color is creeping back into interiors in Provence... not that the gorgeous taupes, grays, stones and linens are going away... but visiting the shop of my lovely friend Odile Bouscarat and her daughter the amazing artist Aurelie Alvarez, I was overjoyed to see the vibrant hues lifting spirits of everyone who entered Odile's chic shop, La Petite Curieuse. Aurelie's paintings are sold all over the world, and she is a favorite of former Anthropologie buyer Keith Johnson of Man Shops Globe on Sundance channel. 

Come see with me!

and meet Odile, left and Aurelie, right... a perfect mother-daughter
portrait in time for Mother's Day!


  1. Very nice photos,beautiful mother and beautiful daughter!!!

  2. Gorgeous, bright, colorful images, Kit! So happy you gad a delightful trip!

    The Arts by Karena

  3. Can you see how green (with envy) I am??? Enjoy every minute of your stay and the Tour: look forward to seeing and hearing all about it!


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