22 August 2014

A Little Reminder of Ed Hardy Antiques...

If you've lived in San Francisco for a while, you remember Ed Hardy Antiques, just opposite the Galleria at the SFDC. His antiques store, housed in an Italianate palazzo, was gloriously opulent and beautifully staged in the stunning building that now houses Restoration Hardware's flagship store... ceilings at least 20 ft. high, stone walls and a gorgeous entryway garden. It was a refuge for resting the soul after a day of combing through the contemporary furnishings and fabrics at the design center. 

The design world and antiques lovers were bereft when Ed Hardy decided it was time to pull up stakes and call it quits... this was in 2009, remember, when the internet and the economy conspired to put many a successful bricks and mortar enterprise out of business.

I went to one of the days of his final auction, and left with this gorgeous bit of handmade Chinese work. I've just held onto it these last few years, not sure just what to do with it besides admire it greatly for its beautiful silken palette and exquisite beading and embroidery. 

Any idea just what this is? any ideas about how to display it? I've been told to remove the tattered "tails" and use as a jacket for myself, but can't quite see that! It is very fragile and was surely a ceremonial piece. I wish I had asked Ed more about it, but he was very, very busy a the time! Alors!

Bonne Weekend!


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  1. Dear Kit! BONSOIR!

    I saw that you visited me hours ago, but I was on my tablet at school. I am a teacher and I had to stay very late for open house and to present to parents.

    I am here now at home, where I can comfortably type from my laptop. First of all, your dear words today on my comments page were a joy to read, then I come here to see YOUR WORLD of divine beauty! I am a French teacher, so I appreciate your style and vision. My home has become a French country style home on a budget, and we are proud of our castle/cottage! Your display here of these pieces of art is inspiring and I do find is sad to see an "landmark" of a place where you could go and see surprises in art and antiques. As much as I love Restoration Hardware, you do know what to expect when you see one in almost any big city. But to find a unique antique store? That's priceless.

    Many thanks for your visit. Enjoy your September! BISOUS, Anita

  2. Bonjour Anita, so good to hear from your magical self! I loved your post showing you doing ballet in your shorts and cowboy boots at the American Swedish ballroom...no one else on the planet could pull that off and be so incredibly elegant! You are a treasure and I am thrilled you stopped by! bisous! Kit

  3. Wow expert inspiration I like all!?Thanks Amazing designs, best of luck in your design career!


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