23 November 2014

The Sayulita Cure.

My friends in Buffalo, I feel your pain and I hope you will soon recover from the ravages of this apocalyptic weather. While never experiencing such catastrophic storm as the ones you are enduring, I once lived in sub-arctic northern Vermont where some winters we had to build snow tunnels to get to and from our homes, and we skiied from home to home checking in on each other.  We too lived on a large lake, and endured the massive snowfalls, the eternal melting and refreezing, icicles like daggers hanging from eaves. I too would wake up to a world of grey, greyer and greyest. Even the light coming into the windows drained the very walls and rugs of any color. That is when I would begin my annual downward spiral and begin to crave the warmth and vibrancy of southern climes once again. 

Here, then, I offer a little respite for you. Come with me to the magical little village of Sayulita, Mexico, on the Pacific coast and at least feast on these sights for a few moments before facing your huge, snow-packed dilemmas. My little gift for you. And if you would like to come to Sayulita when you have dug yourselves out, I know the perfect little place for you to stay. 

Dream for just a moment with me now! Winter really will end. 

you've seen enough of this I know!

walking out from Casa Gala, the beach early morn facing northward

the beach early morn facing south towards to village

the colorful little stores of the village

sun-dappled flags of every hue!

local dog taking it easy on easy street

horses come down from the gentle hills to spend a day at the beach

surfing, anyone?

another funny little fella!

at home we are lucky to find a daisy at Safeway...these flowers grow everywhere!

magical sunset on the Pacific

the Mexican love for transhumance in a mask

and another....

the village crest painted on the wall of the little school across the street

....the Escuelas de Tiempo Completo...

setting the table for our tamale feast made
and delivered by Maria a local cuisiniere!

Sayulita Flowers painted by yours truly on an earlier visit to Casa Gala

the view from our room at Casa Gala, built by my brother and sister-in-law

the bench that greeted us every morning with coffee

artifacts from Old Mexico..

the delightful pool with fountain and palampa where we floated many hours away..
grab a bag and let's go shopping in the village!!

beautiful sparkling Mexican glass and pottery ware

color and pattern everywhere!

of course, Our Lady of Guadalupe is surrounded by angels and pink glowing light...

while Frida Khalo peeks from the corner..

a gorgeous corazón with silver

take a shopping break at this makeshift bar on the beach!

grilled chicken on a stick for lunch?

the pretty little church on the playa...

the beautiful selection of local produce...

or maybe a fully roasted chicken for Sunday lunch?

the adorable sign at the local launderia!

children in their school uniforms happily leaving the school day...

buying an after school snack from one of the carts...

hmmm...maybe a sunset ride on horseback today?

this is Casa Gala, you can stay here too! mention Chic Provence when you contact Thia...
photo by my brilliant husband Chris Golson...who gets pictures like this??

And if you can't quite make it to Sayulita this winter, you might want to plan on Springtime in Provence with me! Check out the details and reserve now... while I still have a few spaces!

another not-to-be-missed event,
my Chic Provence Design Tour
in unequalled luxury, cuisine

and incredible shopping...all
with a seasoned interior designer (moi)
and other like-minded souls!!

Download brochure here

that's me, happily contemplating 
meeting you
in Provence in 
spring 2015!



  1. Kit with snow heading our way, this is a wonderful respite from the harsh winter weather. Such an artfully fun town by the sea!

    The Arts by Karena

  2. Karena yes this little village is all about art and color...things you and I both love! Happy Thanksgiving sweetie!! xo


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