04 April 2015

Our Sea Never Looks Like This!!

We went over to the sea Friday for a romp on the beach with Nicky the pup. We followed this with lunch at the Miramar Beach House that we love because Nicky is always welcome and the fish tacos are to die for!

We visit here almost every week... and our little patch of the Pacific Ocean never looks all turquoise and aqua like it did on Friday! It's usually a dark greenish-blueish-brownish slightly murky ocean, but this time the sea had turned the most gorgeous shade of turquoise! Our jaws dropped and immediately I pulled out my iPhone to try and capture the color for my blog. As you probably know, that is a challenge with an iPhone, but here are my pictures from this beautiful, gorgeous, sunny-chilly afternoon at one of our favorite spots on God's green earth!

who would not love to live in this little turquoise seaside house in Half Moon Bay??

I think the ocean is getting ready for Easter with its stunning turquoise color

wanna follow this little pathway to see what's on the other side??..come on!

this is a ocean color we never see here!

these two ladies had set up lunch and were now playing cards under
the enormous coastal cypress...they were there for hours!

the little turquoise house from another angle..so charming! Easter lilies blooming in front!

what drought??  this is what Californians plant when water's scarce as hens' teeth...a
beautiful drought-tolerant garden by the sea... just in time for 


  1. How fortunate to live at Half Moon Bay. I have been there (many moons ago) and it is gorgeous indeed! happy Holiday Weekend Kit!!

    The Arts by Karena
    Ellipsis: Dual Vision

  2. Gorgeous views and colors Kit! Guess you're getting ready for the next big trip? I am envious, to say the least..so please do blog about it and show us all some pictures!

  3. Belíssima sua praia e o mar maravilhoso, adoreia casa azul e as flores.
    Tenha uma ótima semana.

  4. What a charming place! The pictures are amazing..


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