19 April 2009

*How Chic Was My Green* : FLOORS

If you have always yearned to be Green and Chic, but found the "natural oatmeal" look just a little too...woolly..., your time has come to shine. On the floor, that is.

Just LOOK at these delectable choices: bamboo, cork, carpet. No one would ever guess you were green down there! No, when your uber chic friends come over for a little soiree, they will approve and they won't even know just how sustainable you are. 

Neapolitan Bamboo  from Smith & Fong

Cork in Classically Cool Patterns from Globus Cork

"Hello Down There" from FLOR

"If There Be Thorns" from FLOR

Modern Mix in Cream/Beige from FLOR

Modern Mix in Greens from FLOR

"Wild Bamboo"

They will just know that you have that certain je ne sais quoi.  While they are ooohing and ahhing over your enviable and amazing elegance, you can duck into the kitchen and give yourself a little self-hug for being so kind to our Mother Earth. After all, she got you this far didn't she? 

Now her time has come to shine!



  1. Sustainable AND beautiful - what a combo!! So, where are the links? How do we get these lovely FLORs?

  2. oops, sorry!


    thanks! Kit


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