08 April 2009

On a Roll at Deyrolle

If you love the natural world as much as I do, but find that the things outside in your neighborhood are just a little...bland....come to Deyrolle in Paris. On the Rue du Bac tucked into the second floor of a venerable old building, you will enter a wondrous place, this designer's delight (the Prince Jardinier, Louis Albert de Broglie, has restored it beautifully from the devastating fire last year!)

If the Pottery Barn on steriods look just isn't cutting it for you anymore, and you want to inject excitement and wonder into your interiors, consider adding a little local color from Mother Nature. She will forgive you for lusting after her exquisite exotica and wanting to take it home.

But she will never forgive you if her treasures languish in your attic.

Kit Golson for Chic Provence
for chic, sustainable interior design solutions

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