10 July 2009

The Luxe Floating Workshop: Photography at 1500 Feet

If your artistic side is in need of nurturing these days, if your digital SLR is gathering dust because you haven't quite tackled the manual yet for this circa 2008 Christmas gift, if you know you need to unwind and forget the woes of the world for just a few days, then this luxurious and substantial workshop is a must for you.

Over San Francisco at Twilight

Your Home for Three Nights

You Will Learn to Create Photographs of this Cypress Forest

Your Launch Site

Your Floating Photography Studio

You will be uplifted (literally), your spirits will soar, your tastebuds will sing, you will sleep like a baby by the sea in the middle of a cypress forest. You will see the world as few others can ever see it. 

You will work hard for three full days, but on a production shot in the forest under the direction of Dirk Karsten, one of the world's most highly acclaimed photographers, and one of the most gifted photography instructors around. You will gain invaluable techniques and methods to create the shot of your dreams as you float effortlessly and silently over the San Francisco Bay area and the Pacific Ocean in one of the few zeppelins in the world. 

You will leave renewed, refreshed and with an arsenal of tools for your photography. Your creativity will reach new heights. 

Who can resist the chance to escape for a few days, defy gravity and come away with some excellent photographic skills?

You Will Be in This Airship!


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  1. I really want to go- this looks encredible...if I only had the money...

  2. I know, me too! It really is an amazing workshop, Dirk and Chris are so talented. Be sure to check out their websites...Dirk is from Amsterdam and does fabulous commercial work...thanks for visiting!


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