12 July 2009

Banishing the Blues: Before & After's of a Washington Townhome

He was her sunshine; his southern charm never failed to chase the blues away. For forty years she thrived on the joy and light he brought into her life. When Michele lost Tom, she lost her world. We needed to create a cocoon where she could retreat, heal, live and thrive again. Her friend Julie helped her invest in an historic building minutes from our nation's Capitol, and I was brought in to help with the redesign.

Michele travels the world over; she loves all the fuss and liveliness of entertaining and planning the next big adventure. So we chose vibrant and uplifting colors that were at once feminine and sophisticated: coral, soft jade, honey, cream, soft ochre. When she fell for a gorgeous Italian paisley in these sunny colors of Provence we had our design inspiration.

First, the AFTER pictures. I hope you like them! The BEFORE's are at the bottom of the post.


{ A F T E R }

Her "Mas in the City" Living Room

The Beautiful Coral Hallway That Greets Her
When She Returns Home Each Evening

A View Towards Her Cozy Media Room From the Living Room

We Loved This "Fortuny" Silk Chandelier

Coco Feels Right at Home as She Heads for Her Kitchen!

Coco Definitely Approves of the Paisley!


{ B E F O R E }

When we found the townhouse, the decor and colors were anything BUT soothing and feminine. See the strong masculine lines and colors, below:

The Media Room Before...We Removed the Fireplace,
Creating the Perfect Place for Her Big Screen TV

I Can Hardly Bear to Even Look at This Before Picture of the Living Room!

Another View of the Living Room and French Doors
Before We Worked Our Magic

We turned her Old Town hideaway into a sunny slice of Provence that reflects her vibrant and lively personality perfectly. She and Coco are very content with their new digs. Michele says that every time she comes home to the beautiful colors it makes her heart sing. We know that we have invoked the magic of color once again.

She is quite sure Tom would love it too. What more could we ask?


in 2010, it's:

Kit Golson Design

for elegant, sustainable and pragmatic

Chic Provence Interior Design


  1. Fantastic job, absolutely beautiful...this is design work at its best, when it serves multiple purposes which are all directed toward the soul.

  2. Thanks Denny it was fun to get all that purple paint and black leather out of her sphere!!


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