28 December 2009

The Milk Paints and French Washes of Chic Provence

If you are looking for a rustic, chalky appearance to soften new furniture or transform flea-market finds; or a rich velvety finish for walls, or a wash for your walls that will "bloom" into a rustic provencale-like texture, you cannot trust your paint finishes to just any old paint company.

Here at Chic Provence, we are very happy with the traditional European paint finishes (and colors) we find at the Sydney Harbor Paint Company/Porter's Original Paints. For special clients with considered requirements, we get these gorgeous, low- to no-VOC paints at Gray's Paint on Woodside Road in Redwood City, California.

I love this duchesse satin wall finish that glows with a silvery light

this milk paint finish is perfect for a flea market transformation

duchesse satin finish beautifully accents the architectural features of this fireplace

this wood wash is perfect for finishing raw timber surfaces

alternating stripes of milk paint and duchesse satin in the
same color creates chic and subtle interest in entryway

lime wash in luscious color for this stairway

this wood wash for a limed look on raw timber floors

milk paint freshens this wood panelled stairway
into a modern statement

milk paint in layers softens and ages this new piece

distemper paint creates rich and velvety wall finish

photos courtesy Sydney Harbour Paint Company


in the new year:

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  1. You have brilliant taste and this is a most lovely post. Every happiness to you in the new year.

  2. Dear Simone how utterly kind of you!

    All the very best of everything to you in the new year and always!

    bonne annee!


  3. Hi Kit, Thanks for the wonderful examples of Milk paint, and other related finishes. I also wanted to take the time, to thank you and Chris, again for your very generous invitation on Christmas. Tim was over tonight, and he brought me the handsome monogrammed mug! It is the handsomest mug I have ever seen, and the cookies and candy hit the spot after our Chinese dinner tonight. I have a hostess gift for you, I will get it to you as soon as possible. With lots of Love and gratitude,
    John Cermak

  4. Dear John! I am so happy to hear from you and glad you like the mug (I love it too!)....sounds like you have had a lovely Christmas celebration with Tim (you were missed), I adore a good night in with Chinese...then cookies/chocolates, yum! We will see you very soon, let me know when you are up and at 'em!



  5. They actually sell milk paint? I thought this was the stuff of Provence legend! One of my favorite books "A Well Kept Home" talks about milk paint and I've always been curious because I like the finish. Great post!

  6. Hi Stephanie, yes it gives that elusive chalky finish we love so well! Thanks so much for visiting and for exchanging...btw I myself was born in N. Orleans, and am on my way there next week....how's the weather??

    I love that book too!


  7. It's cold right now well, cold for New Orleans, but it should warm up some by next week. Hopefully it will be dry. It's been really rainy lately.


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