15 December 2009

Well, I Said There Would Be Grapefruit!

This is my Christmas centerpiece! I used a yellow vintage iron stand, applied some gold leaf to it, then piled in ruby red grapefruit that I also gold-leafed (sparingly...hey we're gonna eat these things!) along with bunches of green mandarin oranges from our tree out in the far back yard where there is not quite enough sun for the mandarin oranges to ripen...ever!

I finished it off with some random gold ribbon and some of that floral netting poked in here and there. I think it looks rather rusticly elegant for decorations that will soon be standing in for breakfast (see brunch recipe here) !

Centerpiece for the Dining Table
Featuring Ruby Red Grapefruit
in the Starring Role!

Voila! Ready for Christmas festivities! And it didn't cost the world: grapefruit, $6 for twenty pounds at Costco, gold leaf $9 at Michael's, floral net, pennies from floral supply, container, flea market find.

Ruby Red Grapefruit
Play a Supporting Role
on the Mantel Next to
the Icon of Mary and Jesus

Soon I will feature a portrait of the Christmas tree and how I made that skirt work with it, then, that's it! No more holiday stuff! I think.

{elegant, sustainable, pragmatic:
the Chic Provence way!}



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  1. Grapefruit and Gold! Such a subtle, classy statement. Saw it with my own green eyes! Just beautiful.

  2. Merci, Karen! you would like it, you love the fruits and vegetables of the world...how's that blog coming along??

    see you soon, thanks

  3. Karen, I'm loving this sunburst of color. (And it's kind of a nice prelude to that wonderful annual citrus-themed festival I'm sure you're more than familiar with, "La Fête du Citron". I've always wanted to go! Imagine that whole lovely down decked out like your centrepiece...!)
    Happy Holidays,

  4. I adore this and it's not so typical holiday colors. What a beautiful table setting. I completely forgot you can buy gold leaf instead of just gold spray paint. Looking forward to seeing your Christmas Tree and skirt. Thank you incredibly for visiting my blog, so thrilled to have found yours. All the best for a lovely day ~

  5. Michael thanks for visiting me! Yes I love the sunburst of color, I get weary of the darkness and grey skies this time of year! I LOVE the pink of the Coln Store on your blog, how uplifting!! When is the Fete du Citron this year, and shall we enter this centerpiece as a concept?? What a lovely thought!! Have a wonderful holiday season...will you be in Germany? all het best,


  6. Deborah of Dumbwit...I am so thrilled you stopped by, your blog is brilliantly witty, funny, captivating, enthralling!! Thanks for the sweet compliment, yes go out and gild your life for $9.99!! Have a perfectly wonderful day; I hope you get into one of those ballgowns soon!


  7. Kit.. the colors you used are spectacular! Love it!! It reminds me so much of my families holidays overseas!! Thanks for bringing back great memories!!


  8. HI Cat! Thanks for stopping and your lovely message! How very kind of you....I'm looking forward to seeing your blog too!

    all best


  9. Bonjour! What beautiful colours, I love using gold leaf. Anxious to see what you've done with that gorgeous skirt you found at the market.
    Enjoy the rest of your week!

  10. Elegant and beautiful. You are one smart cookie lady. You have a really good eye and a highly developed sense of style, well done.
    Warm regards,

  11. Bonjour Bonjour! So nice to see you! Thanks, enjoy your gold leaf! And I hope the skirt doesn't disappoint! Have a great week!


  12. Lovely. Gold leaf is wonderful stuff.

  13. Hi Beth, great to see you, thanks for the visit. Hope your holidays are warm & wonderful!

  14. Well hello Romantic Query, how perfectly lovely of you to visit and to make such kind comments...I appreciate them deeply!

    All the very best to you!



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