13 March 2010

Lulu DK Inspires the Breezy Guest Room

o the treasures we'll find,
like these vintage mercury glass bottles!

Don't misunderstand me..I love living on the Best Coast, and I love my family and friends here. But sometimes I miss, really miss, my friends and family on those other coasts: Pacific northwest, east and south, and across the oceans. Especially all the girlfriends, cousins, sisters-in-law & their sisters, aunts, Mom; and the long uninterrupted weekends we could spend together, just being and doing whatever we feel like: a little pampering, a little shopping, a little relaxing and a little indulging.. & mostly talking!

In that spirit I am thinking Guest Rooms and turned to Lulu DK for inspiration. These fresh and accessible designs are what I found. They look very inviting, relaxing, unfussy and fresh to me. What do you think of these? Would they lure you out west for a visit? Especially after the weather you've endured this winter..you deserve un petit vacance! Here's what we'll do!

so comfy and unfussy you can let
the pup sleep with you

extra towels, pillows and chilled water
at your bedside

Relax, take a little snooze. Supper in the garden at 8! Then we can stay up all night long getting caught up and watching old movies!


supper at 8
Juliska at Emily Joubert

Tomorrow I've scheduled us in for Jurlique facials and heated stone massages at Watercourse Way in the afternoon!

sheer heavenly pampering waits at
Watercourse Way in Palo Alto


fun shops in Sonoma & San Francisco,
flea market finds & Filoli's Orangerie

On Sunday we'll wander over to the flea market, then hit some of our favorite consignments shops..and oh, we might sigh over the Orangerie at Filoli's gardens on our way over to the beach for dinner at sunset.

So glad you're here..the perfect weekend with the perfect houseguest..YOU!

Oh, by the way, the fabulous and talented Lulu has a blog now! check it out at Trail of Inspiration!


in 2010, it's:

Kit Golson Design

for elegant, sustainable and pragmatic

Chic Provence Interior Design


  1. The picture shelf as a bed-head in the first picture is fantastic! So versatile... I've been looking for an idea similar to this, I think I'll use it. Thanks so much for the inspiration!


  2. Hi May just be sure the things on the shelf are lightweight and secured down; especially here in earthquake country we would not be able to do this over a bed. But it is lovely.

    Thanks for visiting!


  3. nice images... and soooo jealous about the facial... enjoy!

  4. Hi Punc!

    (Love that you chose that name, it's perfect!!)...yes your next trip out that's what you should do at WW..its fabulous!

    thanks for visiting!


  5. fabulous! I want to come too!

  6. heloo anon...thanks for stopping by!


  7. Love Love Lulu DK bedding....the coral color is amazing! Thanks for sharing it!!!


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