01 November 2010

Sunday at San Francisco Fall Antiques Show {& Why I Wasn't There Saturday}

I missed all the excitement of Designer's Saturday at the San Francisco Fall Antiques Show..Billy Baldwin, Bunny Williams..(you'll see why at the end of the post!) but on Sunday I scooped up Lisa and we headed over. The day was stunningly clear, the setting on San Francisco Bay always inspiring.

After a quick and oh-so-satisfying lunch of poulet et pommes de terre roti-to-perfection at the Ft. Mason Farmer's Market, we excitedly headed inside. Yes, things were winding down a bit, but we found lots to intrigue in the show and we met wonderful antiquaires from the world over.

Chinese export watercolors of exotic fruits, 1790-1810

stunning Chinese Chippendale chair for the Chinese
Bedroom at Badminton House, 1754, England

some of the stunning
Lotus Collection of fine antique textiles found


the show was not all Chinoiserie

mid-century and earlier antiques at
the amazing Downtown includes a pair of these
Spanish revival torchieres

I loved Downtown's breezy and chic approach

from Downtown's website, so worth a visit!


wonderful polychrome wood cabinet, 1760's, at
Robert Young Antiques as part of their
European folk art collection

toll road sign from the Lakes District in England,
about 1840; early prototype of the current
popular obsession with subway signs?


French company Les Enluminures displaying priceless illuminations
and jewelry from the middle ages in
this chic space lifting the colors of
the medieval illustrations for the display area walls

priceless Florentine illumination
from a choir book, 1423


the marina at Ft. Mason, San Francisco..that's the fabled
vegetarian eatery Greens on the right, a favorite of ours
for Sunday brunch with visitors from out of town

the fantastic entry into the
San Francisco Fall Antiques Show,
where the theme was "Chinoiserie"


so why wasn't I there Saturday?

meet Nicky, our new 4 month old rescue puppy;
does he
not look like a handful?
well he is! nothing is safe if he is awake!
sorry, Bunny:)



  1. oh my goodness!!!!
    1) gorgeous
    2) he is TOO ADORABLE!!! - congratulations!!!
    3) trip to france = loooooove!!!

    :) this post just makes me so happy! xo

  2. Erin! how sweet of you! you and that new hubby of yours should join us in France! hope you are "still" enjoying married life!



  3. Fabulous Blog.... Your latest Chinoiserie is Beautiful and so Inspiring......

  4. Kit~ Love the photos, love Chinoiserie, love Nicky, he looks like Biscuit's cousin; can't wait to hear more about the spring trip...

  5. Hi Diane! Welcome to Chic Provence, and thanks so much for visiting...I'll stop over and see you too!

    all the best


  6. Hi Andrea! well you are sweet to spend a little time with Chic Provence! Love that Biscuit, they could be cousins indeed!

    Hope your week is going well...and dry!


  7. Hide your shoes.... new puppy looks like he might just tear things apart...hope to catch you in SofF now that they have cleared up some of the rubbish in Marseilles.... heaps and heaps of it...
    check out: buddyhotpot.blog its my new business, set up the blog yesterday so any tips would be useful...I want to be a Blog Princess!.... kisses

  8. Camilla! how fabulous your new business sounds! yes of course you can be a blog princess...let's chat my dear! and yes meet me SofF!!!

    gros bisous


  9. I am not sure what is more fabulous; the entry to the antique show, Downtown, or that sweet face of Nicky's. You are a good furry friend lover Kit!!


  10. HI Deb! I love that Downtown too...soo chic! Nicky is a little love, but whew, Camilla is correct..he chooses to chew!!

    So good to hear from you, hope all goes well!!



  11. I don't think I have ever coveted so many things as I have in this one post and that includes the pup :)

  12. What a darling puppy!

    I love all the color shown at the show.

  13. What a beautiful blog you have!
    Greetings from Italy!

  14. Always inspiring posts with beautiful colors! Thank you!

  15. Love this post!! The colors are just amazing and the watercolors are just scrumptious! So inspiring!


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