07 November 2010

You Know It's Autumn When...

...the oranges on the tree are getting bigger,
but they're still bright green,
and dried oranges begin to appear in the markets....

...along with pomegranates & the last artichokes.

One day you wake up and find oak leaves
floating in the pool...

...and when you walk Nicky in the park, even
in late morning the shadows are long...

...and finally it rains...

...Autumn arrives in Northern California!



  1. Autumn has also arrived in Germany.

    Today its raining cats and dogs.
    In my garden is a carpet of leaves.
    The day are getting shorter ...

    So have a nice week!

  2. Thanks Tasiaa, you too!



  3. i would love to bring a cozy blanket, thermos of tea, & a good book and curl up on that tree stump bench! love! xo

  4. Beautiful photographs - so bright. Love the photo of oak leaves in the pool.

  5. Beautiful photo story. Thanks.

  6. I am totally diverted and charmed by your beautiful visual poem~

  7. Love this post (in the South of France it always looks like Spring lol) and the pomegranates pic most of all. Sorry for the delay I was "off" for a week, I live next to Monaco Monte Carlo and I'd love to meet up one day. Just let me know when you're planning your next trip over here. Hugs.

  8. I just loved reading your post. i have missed fall this year being away in Bhutan. Just returned and took a splendid walk in the woods very few leaves left on the trees.
    I could sink my teeth in these oranges.

  9. What a beautiful post Patricia!
    Loved the way you made us all feel as if we are there, standing in the rain in what sounds like a gorgeous Northern Californian Fall!


    x Charlotta

  10. Lovely images! What a wonderful way to welcome fall. Our trees turn autumn colors, but I'd rather have fruit.

  11. Such a beautiful post. I just returned from San Francisco and I had beautiful fall weather. I visited the Ferry Building and the Farmers' market there, and the farmers' produce created many autumnal "still lifes." Thanks for sharing those scenes of a gentle fall in Northern California.

  12. This is why we wish we all could be California girls......... K

  13. Kit, What a lovely post! Wonderful to see the neighborhood through your eyes.


  14. Whoever says there are no "seasons" in Northern California just needs to look at these pictures.

    Looks like fall to me and makes me want to go apple picking....

    Which, yes, we have that here in the land of sun and beaches :)

  15. Kit~ I love all the photos....I wish it were more Autumnal here though today the morning air was crisp to walk Honey & Biscuit. The garden has at least been awoken following an early rain this year. Have a wonderful week~

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  17. love this sweet fall look....

    xoxo lylah


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