21 March 2011


Does anyone else find this room as gorgeous as I do?
it speaks to me of springtime, hope and beautiful beginnings
I could spend a lot of time here...


via San Francisco Magazine (print, not online)
article and photography direction by Diane Dorrans Saeks,

this is the Nob Hill home of architect
Andrew Skurman and
his wife Francoise Skurman;
Andrew designed the amazing table base;
Francoise's silver adorns the table filled
with peonies she arranged;
together they collected the painting
by Cy Twombly's son


painting: Fall of Icarus by Alessandro Twombly
table base fabricated by Tom Dixon
Mars chairs
Provence Glassware: Diners en Ville, Paris
Empire candlesticks: Odiot, Paris
Bernardaud porcelain
Puiforcat silver flatware
Silver pieces French heirlooms
Etching: Bromphenol Blue, Damien Hirst

Photography by JD Peterson


thanks for visiting .. Kit


  1. Yes, it is gorgeous. The painting absolutely makes the room. It is beautiful and refreshing to look at, the whole scene is lovely.

  2. LOVE this painting It inspires me a lot!

  3. Hi Sunday and Martina, I love the old silver with the clean, light modern room, those table bases look weightless! the painting is stunning...just love this room!

    Thanks for visiting!



  4. Yes those images are just beautiful.

  5. Kit the painting just so scrumptious, and the glass toppd table exude a lightness and brightness!

    Art by Karena

  6. What a beautiful jolt of color this morning...thank you!

  7. It is so happy!!! And I love when people make a commitment to art like that!!!!!!!!!I see your tour sold out!!! Congratulations!!!!!Can't wait to see the pics......Maryannexo

  8. Hi Kit-

    I'm so pleased you like the painting and the room--and the story.

    I wrote the feature that this apartment in which this apartment in San Francisco is featured.

    We should credit the architect Andrew Skurman and his wife, Francoise Skurman, who collected the painting (Cy Twombly's son), and whose heirloom silver is so beautifully displayed.
    Andy commissioned the table and the chairs--and Francoise Skurman set this beautiful table with peonies!
    I'm so thrilled you love it.
    cheers, DIANE

  9. Dear Kit ... that room is divine! I love that piece of artwork ... it is gorgeous and I am going to look at more of the work if I can. It is so elegant and fresh. You must be getting so excited about your trip!!!!!
    I hope you are well
    best wishes

  10. what a striking space! such a dramatic statement with the white walls, glass table and amazing colors!

    fabulous blog - i love the french influence : ) i'm your newest follower

  11. Just found you! Loved the post! Drop by to see our fabulous imported French Basketeer Giveaway. To quote Andrea plastic bags are “so passé!”


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  14. so pretty.. just love it... hope you are well friend.. xx

  15. Gorgeous!!!Love the painting, the table...all the details. Yes it does remind me of Spring. I've got Spring on the brain and would love to share my interview with Greet from Belgian Pearls blog with you. Stop by if you get a chance. she is inspiring us with her Belgian take on garden and landscape. Very interesting. Mona

  16. nice painting in the great decor! i like the colours in the paint mixed with a white tone room!!

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