30 May 2011

The Brocante at Isle-sur-la-Sorgue

Flea markets are the same the world over. Vendors are often more interested in each other's gossip than in selling stuff to you:) Sellers have always "just left" to get coffee, leaving their neighbor to watch their stall just when you desperately want an item. Lunchtime rolls around and all vendors everywhere pull out delectable lunches they have brought in, only to make you notice your hunger pangs as you settle for a local skyrocket-priced carnival food. And, of course, everywhere there is much posturing and haggling over prices... all part of the fun!

The brocante in l'Isle sur la Sorgue at Easter was just like all the rest of the flea markets I've been to... except for the things you can buy, the setting, and... yes, the lunches. This was not our local Alemany Flea with corn dogs on a stick!

We had an unforgettable adventure there on the Chic Provence Design Tour... come with us next spring!

the entrance to the park where the flea market is held
in Isle sur la Sorgue, France

OK so we did just fine for lunch...here at
the Cafe de France!

we drooled over these hand blown wine jugs from
the early 20 C....and one of us bought one

this 19th C small rug is now a table runner for
one of our Tour attendees...isn't it beautiful!

great old planters were everywhere

the statue and the setting are so elegant..wait
until those vines are filled out and blooming!

loved this little grouping of vibrantly upholstered
furniture...looks like Designer's Guild

I think these are hitching posts...and not
sure what the curvy iron is..but love it!

original tile floor in one of the
buildings in town

metal cafe chairs, always chic!

rusted old garden statuary

highly styled mid-century stall

I love "terre melee" and this vase is
a superb example of the mixed clay
technique from Vallauris

funny little mid-century Michelin Tire guys!
(what are they up to anyway?)

the selection of vintage silver was phenomenal
at this stall

this wonderful Gustavian bench would look
great with cushions in a Swedish frame of mind

more tile floor from around town

pillow covers made from vintage
French sheets and grain sacks

love this navy and white tile floor

the magical view up the Sorgue River


thanks for visiting!....Kit


  1. bravo... more more more! what fun the trip must have been... and i love your description... so true... "social hour" but i love how they live there...

  2. You make me hunger to go back again Kit! Savoir vivre, so literally true!

  3. Bonjour ma belle! Merci pour être venue voir BALZAC à Paris! How lovely to make your acquaintance my dear! I often see your name floating around the comment page of many of my sweet friends. It is a shame to not be able to visit EVERYONE, but thank you for taking the time to leave a comment and in turn, I can come to see you lovely blog. Oh how I remember well my days in France when early in the morning I would literally eat my way to the Selaya market place in Nice and buy away!!! Copper now fills my kitchen here that was bought on the cheap and brings me precious memories. I will never forget my first visit to a quincaillerie (French hardware store). I was blown away at the beauty!

    Lovely blog, wonderful topic and may you enjoy your travels and TROUVAIL.....Anita

  4. I'm blown away. What amazing treasures. I wouldn't be able to make up my mind.

  5. sul mio blog ci sono molte immagini di la Isle sur la Sorgue Je l' adore!!!!

  6. Wonderful treasures, each and everyone is gorgeous, but I'm a little crazy about the big vase! wow!, what a beautiful trip, I love that way of looking at life there and you've shared with us such great post! Have a nice week.

  7. L'Isle Sur La Sorgue was one of my favorite towns when we visited Provence a few years ago. They had a wonderful antique market and I am looking right now at the charming little red and yellow patterned planters on a tray that we bought there. Many wonderful memories from that trip to Provence. Sounds like a fabulous tour!

  8. Bonjour Kit,
    So glad your tour was a smash - L'Isle Sur La Sorgue is so fabulous. Here's to next Spring!
    Take care,

  9. Excellent observations! I think you've described the retail experience for most shopping.

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