29 May 2011

Small Joy

If there were any way at all to ease the suffering and burdens of those in our tornado-ravaged South, any of us would do just about anything.

While searching for wallpaper for a new client, I came across this charming, small group of paper that reminded me somehow of the South in days long gone by. These lighthearted wallpapers and fabrics could bring a little bit of cheer to our weary souls, even for just a sweet little moment in time, even if we just look at them and remember simpler, happier days.

"Brocante" from the charming Brian Yates collection

from the Gustavian collection of Zoffany

"Chinese Rose" from the charming Brian Yates collection

"Chinese Rose" from the charming Brian Yates collection

"Early Bird" from the charming Brian Yates collection


Thanks for visiting! ... Kit


  1. You are right! Very Cheerful! I really love the use of color on "Early Birds" what a happy room.

  2. This was a really sweet post, Kit. Love the Zoffany. Maryanne xo

  3. Lovely Kit they are all lighthearted which we need right now. Joplin, about 3 hrs from Kansas city was devastated!

    I joined Anita's Paris Party so come and see!

    Art by Karena

  4. it is so good. http://www.vansstore.biz


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