29 May 2012

The Provençal Upholsterer

Yes, it's just an upholsterer's atelier. But the soul and spirit I found in this workshop & showroom tucked away on the back streets of Isle sur la Sorgue last week captivated me. Madame the Designer graciously welcomed me into her private world of fabrics, leathers, old club chairs and chandeliers with a little tour. She occupies a wonderful ancient space with a front room, an design studio, a couple of side rooms, a courtyard and a true workshop at the other end of the sunny courtyard.

I could not help but envy her as she fielded calls from clients throughout Provence and cheerily pulled fabrics and colors together. We spent a wonderful time together sharing design ideas...that and a cup of espresso and we are now global friends!

patiently waiting their turn on the upholsterer's bench  are these  Art Deco vintage club chairs .. 
do you not LOVE  that back wall?!!

the courtyard of the atelier's upholstery shop and showroom
will be filled with sunshine in a few hours
the shabby shocking pink linen soon to be replaced
for a discerning client in Provence

artlessly chic side room holding projects-to-be

one of the crystal chandeliers hanging in Madame's
showroom..  utterly perfect in design and scale

on the way to her atelier, Madame must peek into this arched courtyard to follow the sounds of 
children playing, glasses tinkling and dogs barking
perhaps Madame comes to work in her vintage
deux cheval?

pretty ironwork over ochre shutters on the rue

Madame has a penchant for the colors and stripes of Morocco reflected in the 
polychrome lights and the vivid fabrics

a small chair awaits a new life!

surely Madame passes through this lavender arch
on the way to her atelier each morning!
a peek into one of the side rooms off of her courtyard

stunning crystal sconces from the early 20th C.

a study in simplicity and rusticity, this worn old vintage 30's must have its original leather

ah the Provence morning always includes un cafe et une croissant!

all photos via 
Kit's iPhone


thanks for visiting!... Kit


  1. Ohhhh, it looks so enticing!!!
    Great photos, what fun... And an amazing new ami!!!

  2. Hi Teri! thanks for visiting! I want to come over and see your shop soon.. how's that going? I am sure it's a huge success!

    xo Kit

  3. I can't decide what I love best~ the lavender arch, the chandelier, no, I think it is the courtyard. Lovely.

  4. Cool! They are really lovely post. Nice share.

  5. That back wall! The crystal chandeliers! The lavender arch! The marguerites in the pot in the courtyard! It's perfection.

  6. Kit just beyond wonderful. So many unique and stunning elements in the everyday!!

    Art by Karena

  7. The courtyard is amazing. I must capture that image so I can look at it daily. Thanks for posting! Absolutely beautiful!

  8. Superb! Generally I never read whole articles but the way you wrote this information is simply amazing and this kept my interest in reading and I enjoyed it.


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