28 November 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!

This was quite possibly the best Thanksgiving ever. The weather cooperated beautifully so that we could set the table outside under the wisteria arbor. The company...family, friends, extended family...was brilliant, warm, funny and full of the spirit of the day. The wines... oh the wines they flowed... and the turkey, stuffing, potatoes, sweet potatoes in orange shells, even the broccoli... perfection this year. The dessert table overflowing with pies and confections of every kind.. 

Hoping your Thanksgiving was just as wonderful in every way!

the table was set using old French linen sheets covering the picnic tables...
one of our lovely guests created this casually elegant tabletop... using things found
in the garden and around the house...

no one enjoyed our Thanksgiving more than Scooter in the lead, then little Peanut,
followed in the rear by our Nicky!

I wish for you the happiest of Thanksgivings!

thank you for visiting...   Kit


  1. Thank you for a lovely post.

  2. Hello Kit! It is so beautiful at your home! And the table decoration is a dream! I looooove your photo with your happy dogs! That' s life! I wish you a wonderful time! Geli

  3. Your table looks beautiful Kit! Love the dogs too, a floor show of happy ~

  4. The most beautiful Thanksgiving Table I have seen.

  5. Kit, I love the lavender/purple pots in the dining arrangement!! Beautiful!

    2012 Artists Series & Giveaway

  6. Kit-

    Wonderfully inspiring post...very atmospheric.

    I especially love the tabletop shot of the white napkin, and the reflect in the knife blade...sun and sky and leaves and branches, a min-world. thank you DIANE

  7. Oh, my...what a beautiful outdoor setting!!!! How lucky for you and your guests to be able to enjoy Thanksgiving in the spacious warmth of the outdoors beneath that beautiful arbor! I would LOVE to have an arbor in our back yard. I will have to show my husband this so he might better understand how it's not just for looks, but totally functional as well. Silly husbands...sometimes they just don't get it! :-) I'm so glad you enjoyed the company, the food (even the broccoli! :-)) and the flowing wine!!! What a glorious way to spend the holiday!!!

  8. how beautiful is that! Love it.


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