16 November 2012

Rustic Mirrors of Chic Provence

Hoping you are having a wonderful Friday as we here in America begin preparations for the most American of all holidays next week:  Thanksgiving!! We love this holiday because it's our longest stretch of time without work when we can spend hours and hours together as a family making a complete wreck of the kitchen while we prepare the feast of all feasts! 

As soon as I have my table design ready and the menu, I will certainly post pictures here for your enjoyment! In the meantime, I LOVE this collection of rustic mirrors I found at auction in Paris next month... what do you think? They are not elegant, but they each possess a quality that I find endearing... old, found and venerable...I especially like the unusual square sun, and then last one, the more contemporary round in oxidyzed glass..

Have a great weekend!

XVIII Italian "sun" mirror in unusual square shape.. LOVE!

small wood and gilded stucco mirror from the beginning of Louis XV

Provençal mirror from XVII in carved natural wood

beautiful mirror in wood with ogee arched pediment from
the reign of Louis XV

contemporary convex mirror in oxidized glass by Christophe Gaignon

thanks for visiting!   Kit


  1. Hello Kit! Nice to hear from you ... I love the first and the fourth mirror! They are very beautiful! Have a wonderful time and a great thanksgiving! Bisou, Geli

  2. Great selection, I love the Louis XV one! Have a lovely weekend and happy Thanksgiving for next weekend xo

  3. That first, square, mirror is perfect! Unusual, and just the right size.
    Have a lovely weekend!

  4. Kit I adore the square sun mirror. I think it is gorgeous!

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