28 April 2013

In a Charming Atelier Under the Rooftops of Isle-sur-la-Sorgue...

...magic is created by the beautiful and spirited artist Aurelie Alvarez... come with me on a private visit to her incredible atelier, where time stands still while she takes layers and colors and textures and patterns and creates wondrous works of art...for all to behold. So taken was anthropologie buyer Keith Johnson that her work was used for their famous window displays... and countless other clients have been lucky enough to own one of her works.

Influenced greatly by the top floor atelier itself... in her home, which dates to the 15th C....with its peeling layers of plaster and paint, Aurelie's work is a living extension of where she lives in the heart of the ancient village of Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, France... in Provence, bien sur!  

Steven and I were scouting brocantes for next week's Chic Provence Design Tour when I spied Aurelie's work hanging in one of the very chic shops:  La Princess au Petit Pois.. Laurence invited me to meet Aurelie and within the hour we found ourselves in Aurelie's engaging studio itself chatting with her about her art and her life. She is a most creative and refreshing artistic soul. 

Aurelie's mailbox with its peeling 
ayers of paint gives a hint of
the atelier to come...

one of the first rooms in the rambling, many-room workshop Aurelie is
lucky enough to call her own

a pretty work in progress for a client features vintage wallpaper, paint, pastels

at La Princesse au Petit Pois, Aurelie's lovely hanging meant to be the head of
a twin bed, attracted lots of attention while I was there

an ancient fireplace in her 15th C. home in Isle sur la Sorgue

the largest room in the under-the-eaves atelier

the massive beams dating from centuries earlier, Aurelie thinks 16th C.... make a wonderful counterpoint
to the delicates works for art

many surfaces are covered with Aurelie's work

a collage of samples of Aurelie's lighthearted works

and this is the lovely Aurelie!

all photos taken by kit golson with iPhone

If you would like more information about Aurelie's work, 
contact me and I can help you place a custom order

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