03 April 2013

The Côté Bastide way of life...

You may ask yourself why people today are so drawn to the simple, to the rough-luxe, to shades of grey, taupe  & linen, to honest, handcrafted things, to natural materials with a clean and nostalgic feel. I think that the genius behind Côté Bastide is their ability to recognize this yearning in modern times for simpler, more tactile and sensual experiences of our youth. 

Whatever the reason, we love the Côté Bastide aesthetic at Chic Provence. On our Chic Provence Design Tour next month, a visit to their stunning showroom and shop in Aix-en-Provence is the first stop after we visit the Provençal Market, so we can soak up and inhale the simple, pure, clean and sensuous atmosphere. We are looking forward to getting things for our homes there... small things we can carry home in our suitcases... such as candles, soaps, kitchen linens, tableware. And I might have to order one of those chandeliers for my kitchen! :)

The art of living Côté Bastide

" We come into the world with immense naiveté, auspicious of its wonder. Like a thief of emotions, we greedily pass through our childhood, accumulating a mixed treasure trove of new experiences and intense feelings, and then we become an adult. And, almost immediately, we forget. Yesterdays image fades away, surrendering to today's rhythm of conventionality, where we no longer have the time to exist, and no time to spare. Côté Bastide drew its inspiration from forgotten lessons.

The profound desire to reawaken our dormant senses, to regain lost sensations, and to re-capture our wonderful memories, in a word, to remind us of the simple pleasures in life. The rare and yet familiar scent of an age old rose, the charm of hand-crafted earthenware, the craftsmanship of cinnamon bundled and tied, contact with a pristine cotton sheet. Côté Bastide rediscovers the daily pleasure, to be enjoyed, shared and never to be forgotten."

{ quote from the website Côté Bastide }


  1. Drooling!! Totally gorgeous....

  2. These photos are absolutely beautiful! I'm definitely going to repin them from your site. You have a wonderful blog there, good work! :)

  3. Kit ... love it all!!!! Totally love Cote Bastide.... a sense of elegance and earthiness! Have a wonderful Sunday!


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