18 December 2013

Girlfriends, Curl Up With { Forever Chic } by Tish Jett!

"Life is a unique blend of realism and joie de vivre.
Life has its unavoidable
complications and challenges,
but that never precludes an
appreciation and celebration of the joys of life"

In this delicious book my very good friend Tish Jett imparts her hard won insight into a culture that celebrates women of all ages.. yes, the French! American born, she has lived near Paris for the last 25 years. Hers is the incredibly popular and very witty blog: A Femme d'une Certain Age (you MUST follow her blog, cherie!) which is full of insights and lots of pithy advice from the vantage point of life lived among the ever chic French women in her circle.

It will also give you... if "the last time YOU saw 40 was on the speedometer"..some deliciously practical advice to make the very most of yourself just as you are. 

A favorite new tip I learned from Tish's book Forever Chic... Frenchwomen's Secrets for Timeless Beauty, Style and Substance :  "I recommend, as do estheticians, that for an intensive post-pajama winter treatment, we sleep in a layer of the [argan or shea] butter."  That's right, slather it all over your body, don old sweats and t-shirt, and sleep while your skin luxuriates. She even has suggestions for how to handle the man in your life when you do these beauty treatments :) Guess what I will be sleeping in tonight?

This wonderful read will make you rethink age, beauty, well-being and style. Get it for your girlfriends... perfect holiday gift...they will love you for it!  My copy is already dog-eared and water-spotted from my soaking tub.

Thank you Tish for this lovely new book, and do join us in Provence in the spring, cherie!


My Chic Provence Design Tour is selling quickly! 
Come join me this spring!  This is the perfect
Christmas gift so begin hinting now, cherie!

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  1. Dearest Kit,

    Thank you, thank you. I would LOVE to join you in Provence. Let's talk! xo

  2. Hi Kit,
    Tish is the best, I always look forward to her posts at "A Femme"!
    Have a wonderful holiday with your family!

    The Arts by Karena

  3. Very nice!!
    We wish you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2014.
    Laura and Lisa


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