05 December 2013

Provence-Inspired Christmas Tables...

For their artlessly chic use of natural materials (probably found in the garden), for keeping it simple and beautiful, for offering homage to the Christmas season without going totally over the top with bling and overload... this is why I have always loved the Provençal ways at Christmastime. I'm looking for ideas for our Christmas decor and found some clean and simple ideas on Pinterest to share with you:

here round lights are in a garland made with olive leaves and
placed on the table center...

short on floor space for the Christmas tree?... use this wall-mounted
idea using logs in graduated sizes... love this!!

elements I love here:  lots of clear glass, reflecting the light, white tableware and linens,
natural wood. The pages of oldbooks become part of the design,
and of course the stone wall peeking in from the right isn't so bad either!

I've always adored topiaries olive trees, and this enfilade marching 
down the table are gorgeous... the rest of the
decor is light and white, to let the olive trees have the focus...

 little twinkly lights are perfect touch!

here the wooden rafters play a big role; twigs, lights and starts 
are hung from them.. and the lavender
table is gorgeous played against the gray walls 

and silver angels. .. natural wood fireplace surround

simple olive branch tied to napkins... elegant and beautiful

here a little ceramic bird sits in his twiggy nest as a napkin ring; 
the rest of the table is done in silver, white and glass

olive leaves are tied with white ribbons around these 
fat white candles in front of a mirror..love!

How are your holiday decorating ideas coming along?


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  1. Beautiful tablescape ideas for Provenze style. I'm making an all White table for my C'mas this year too, so I'm happy to see this. Enjoy a lovely holiday season.

  2. HI Fabby, thanks, be sure to post pix of your table, sounds beautiful! xo Kit

  3. Such beautiful ideas shown here. Love the table with the olive trees and those fat candles embellished with the olive leaves.

  4. I love the olive leaf garland with the round white lights!

  5. Beautiful Kit! So many inspiring ideas!
    The Arts by Karena

  6. Simply beautiful. I especially love all the olive branches. Just a touch of green is always perfect. My decorating inside is almost done - now it's time to tackle the outdoors, but with temperatures well below freezing, I think I prefer to stay in the house. Thanks for the lovely ideas!

  7. bellissime queste idee .semplici ,di grande effetto
    buon Natale Valeria

  8. Dear Kit!
    Thanks for the beautiful photos!
    My heart is in the Provence ..
    Happy weekend!
    With love,

  9. Ayant un pied en Provence et un pied en Île de France, j'aimerais pour un Noël provençal faire un décor parisien, n'est-t-il pas ?

  10. The Christmas table is really looking beautiful and i liked it. Your designed the table is so pretty. Awesome Home decor Ideas


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