28 January 2009


We love to find wonderful things to repurpose with a new life. This is one we found at our favorite consignment shop, Afterwards in Menlo Park. 

It's long (96") and low (28") and just reeks of modern and elegant. The drawer pulls are lucite! It is in a perfect color to complement the coral mohair sofa. 

It was a dresser for a bedroom. Not for long.

I'll take it to Joe, and have him convert the middle row of drawers into a door front, behind which we will install sliding shelves for the dvd, amplifier and cable box components. We'll have the door on a double hinge so that it folds back.  The flat screen hi def will hang on the wall above it. Very cool, very chic. 

We now have a sleek citron media cabinet to join our luscious coral mohair sofa in our designer's living room. 

Which brings us to the windows. I am thinking citron there too.  I just can't seem to get enough of that springy, sharp but soft color. What do you think?

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