26 January 2009

That's One Gorgeous Sofa

What does an interior designer do when the economy takes a downturn? She looks inward...toward her own living room. She goes and finds the most luxe fabric she can afford (at the nearest warehouse sale), and she has her favorite upholsterer redo her old sofa. This triggers a complete redesign and redecoration of the living room.

Oh well. She will have to cope. Additional fabrics to find at the best deal possible. New paint colors to try out on the walls. Great mid-century pieces to find and reuse for today's media center. New floor covering to conjure up. And then there are the windows. Just bite the bullet and find the most sensual, sustainable natural fabrics in the world: mohair, trevira, wool. Then sit down and design.

Ahhh! Heaven! A treasured client (myself), one whom I understand completely. Of course, Chris (my husband) will have to be consulted and pleased. But we have a way of pleasing each other lately. I don't expect any problems there.

Stay with me. I'll need your feedback as we tackle this delicious project.


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