29 January 2009

Asian Simplicity: Before & After of a Saratoga Townhome

Ann and her husband Joe asked me to help them update their home and infuse it with a style that reflected their love of travel to exotic lands. They wanted to create an Asian aesthetic in their home and to introduce simplicity into their living spaces. We used Ann's wonderful collection of original antique Japanese woodblock prints framed in bamboo as inspiration for the redecoration and remodel of their three bedroom townhome in Saratoga, California. We also wanted to do this entire remodeling and redecorating on a sensible budget.

First, the AFTER pictures. Enjoy! (The BEFORE pictures are at the end of the post!)


We chose a palette of soothing blue-green accented with white trim, and added in touches of red to energize the space. Taking a cue from the wonderful woodblock prints, we used luscious Donghia jacquard of an old village rooftop scene and stylized lotus blossom motifs fabrics to adorn the furniture. The windows are now shaded with simple shoji-like shades, and the lighting is made from glass fixtures that look like silk lanterns on a warm spring evening among the cherry blossoms.

The entryway proved the perfect spot for us to install an art gallery hanging system for Ann's impressive collection of framed vintage California black and white landscape photographs, and we accented railings in red lacquer, creating an exciting and welcoming entrance to their newly designed home.

In the living room, we removed a full patio door and replaced it with a window to create wall space for the L-shaped sofa. We hung lighting over the angle of the sofa, and with the light from the window, created a comfortable spot for reading and relaxing.

We also removed a huge old mirror over the fireplace, painted the dark wood frame the same color as the wall, and created a interesting and attractive focal point in keeping with the new look for the room. A modern waved formed concrete base coffee table fits well in our scheme.

Please take a look at the BEFORE pictures below to see the changes we made.


Ann and Joe love their new home.



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  1. I think that there is quite a transformation from before and after in the work you show.

    Have you got a photograph of the glass fixtures that look like silk lanterns on a warm spring evening among the cherry blossoms?

  2. I do and I will post it for you here. It glows softly and beautifully in the evenings.

  3. Wow, changing that door into a window really created a much more useful space! great job!


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